These Days, Many People Like to Watch Live Performances (such as Shows or Concerts) at Home

These days, many people like to watch live performances (such as shows or concerts) at home, either on TV or on a computer, instead of attending in person. Do the advantages of this trend outweigh its disadvantages?

Sample 1 These Days, Many People Like to Watch Live Performances (such as Shows or Concerts) at Home

Nowadays, most people prefer enjoying live events such as games played on television or computer rather than attending them physically. The prominent benefit of watching live telecast on TV is a sense of comfort at home which outweigh its disadvantage of the inability to relish the atmosphere and the excitement at the live event through television.

The foremost perk associated with this trend is convenience. It is more comfortable to stay at home and enjoy live shows on television as a person is more relaxed in his comfort zone and can pause the telecast whenever he wants. Instead of spending huge amounts of money and precious time on booking tickets, reserving suitable seats, queuing to get into the stadium and standing among the crowd, people can enjoy their show with just a click of a remote. Moreover, the audience is being offered various outlet functions like recap shows and close-up scenes. For instance, in a live cricket match on TV, the audience can enjoy shots repeatedly, which is impossible on the playground. So, by the telecast on TV, a person is facilitated with enormous benefits along with time and money savings.

Live shows on TV are incapable of bringing the thrilling vibes in person which exist at live events. By being in front of screens audience is unable to enjoy the environment, energy and enthusiasm present at the place of the event. To illustrate, a person can attain the pleasurable experience of meeting their favourite celebrities by being at a live location.


In conclusion, this trend of approaching entertainment through television is considered a favourable option as it is beneficial in numerous ways instead of attending live events in person to gain integral experience.

Sample 2 These Days, Many People Like to Watch Live Performances (such as Shows or Concerts) at Home

Nowadays, some people like to watch live performances such as shows or concerts at their homes, either on television or on a computer, rather than attending in person. From my point of view, watching live programs is more joyful than from home.

To begin with, there are many advantages of watching live shows and attending in person. The first and foremost reason is watching performances live more joyfully because you know that you are seeing and hearing things without any filter. For example, in concerts, you have to chance to hear the singer’s pure voice without any effect, and you can meet them face-to-face. Moreover, we can meet famous celebrities, singers, and performers, which is a million opportunities.

Another reason behind going to a concert is the live show’s atmosphere is more energetic, and we can meet thousands of people with the same taste. Enjoying the show together makes it more fun rather than watching them on television or the computer. We can enjoy ourselves more, but if we are at home, we feel lonely, and we can not enjoy ourselves more as compared to the concert. For instance, if we go to a concert, we enjoy ourselves more, and if we watch the same performance at home, we are not feeling the same as a concert.

In conclusion, watching different performances like plays, concerts, and sports live is much more entertaining than watching them on television. So, I personally believe this view because one can see and hear the voice of the singer without any filter, and also, the atmosphere of the live show’s very different as compared to the home.

Sample 3 These Days, Many People Like to Watch Live Performances (such as Shows or Concerts) at Home

The rise of technology has allowed people to enjoy live performances from the comfort of their homes. While it offers convenience, there are advantages and disadvantages to this trend.

One of the main advantages of watching live performances at home is convenience. It eliminates the hassle of travelling to the venue, finding parking, and navigating through crowds. Furthermore, it allows viewers to watch performances from different parts of the world without having to leave their homes. This is particularly beneficial for those who may not have the financial means or time to attend live performances in person. Another advantage of watching live performances at home is cost-effectiveness. The cost of tickets, transportation, and accommodation for live performances can be quite expensive. Watching performances at home eliminates these costs, making it a more affordable option for many people.

However, there are also some disadvantages to watching live performances at home. One of the main disadvantages is the lack of social interaction. Attending live performances in person provides opportunities to meet new people and interact with others who share similar interests. Watching performances at home can be isolating, particularly for those who enjoy the communal experience of live performances. Another disadvantage is the loss of the immersive experience. Watching live performances on a screen does not provide the same level of immersion as attending in person. The energy and excitement of the live performance cannot be replicated on a screen, and the experience may feel flat and disconnected.

In conclusion, the advantages and disadvantages of watching live performances at home depend on individual preferences and circumstances. While it offers convenience and cost-effectiveness, it lacks the social interaction and immersive experience of attending live performances in person. Ultimately, the decision to watch live performances at home or attend in person depends on personal preference and the specific circumstances surrounding the performance.
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