These Days More Fathers Stay at Home and Take Care of Their Children While Mothers Go out To Work

These days more fathers stay at home and take care of their children while mothers go out to work. What could be the reasons for this? Do you think it is a positive or negative development?

Sample 1 These Days More Fathers Stay at Home and Take Care of Their Children While Mothers Go out To Work

In the contemporary epoch, men are solely responsible for raising their kids and other household chores, whereas women are employed and concentrating on their careers and accomplishments. However, I foster that it is a pessimistic approach, and I will elucidate my viewpoints from a different perspective with credible illustrations in the forthcoming stances.

Scrutinizing the given assertion and elaborating further, most mothers prefer to focus on their professional ambitions in this cutting-edge era. At the same time, men are fond of staying at home and looking after their children. This is due to the substantial recognition of female power and authority in workplaces. Many organizations have adopted the culture of providing managerial roles to women in order to promote women’s empowerment and are striving for them to reach remarkable endeavors in their professions. To exemplify, numerous conglomerate industries are providing massive advantages in terms of monetary incentives and high hikes to female workers. Conversely, men are not given such recognition despite their efforts which gradually leads to multiple psychological challenges and massively impacts their work. Men prefer to handle kids’ upbringing to avoid these mental issues, whereas ladies concentrate on their careers.

Probing ahead, this kind of culture impacts children’s mindset, which leads to a tremendously pessimistic vision of children, especially young boys. They will eventually assume that they don’t have to concentrate on their education since they would only have to focus on household duties in the future, and education is not critical for such chores. Furthermore, females might play a dominant role in the family, and men have to be dependent on them even for fundamental necessities. This gradually creates enormous misunderstandings in their lives, depriving them of happiness. Thus, there are a plethora of challenges when fathers only take care of their families rather than focusing on their careers.

Taking everything into consideration, there is a myriad of problems when only mothers take up influential positions in their occupations and fathers prefer to stay back at home. It has multiple drawbacks, and the following equality must forbid this type of practice at work and in personal lives.

Sample 2 These Days More Fathers Stay at Home and Take Care of Their Children While Mothers Go out To Work

It is true that nowadays, the father stays at home to take care of the child and be the househusband, while the mother goes out to work to be the family’s breadwinner. I take it as a very positive trend.

With the change in social belief, more parents sent their daughters out for higher studies rather than to prepare for marriage. Nowadays, women work in many different streams, and they have become very successful in that like, Telemarketing, Makeup artist, Fashion-designing, and many more they can work better than a man. Equal rights impacted women were empowering the world and creating more job opportunities for women. It is not easy for someone to adopt that woman must work, but some women do not care about this, and they quickly go to work, and this has become quite normal for the mother to go to work and the father stays at home and takes care of the child. This decision is based on who is the higher earner in the family and who has the higher earning potential and decides to work and support the family’s expenses. Many developed countries have adopted this trend, and Asia is yet to adopt the trend ultimately.

It is a positive outcome and should be treated as progress. Real progress would be impossible if both genders get equal, did not get hand in hand, and were not provided with equal opportunity. It is time that whoever earns more money and have a secure carrier must run the house and other have to take care of the family, not based on social and traditional belief.

In Conclusion, the changing roles in the family have been possible due to significant changes in social belief advancement of women, especially in education. This is a very positive trend that eliminates gender discrimination and advocates equal rights.

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