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Describe a time you received horrible service

# Describe a time you received horrible service

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Sample answer

I’m going to tell you about a time I received horrible service just near my house at a coffee shop the other day. First off, they were out of nearly all the food on their menu, which started off the visit on a wrong note (poorly started). I was especially hungry that day, so I was not too happy about this. I thought, “how can you not have the food listed on your menu?” Anyway, let me tell you more about this experience.

Apart from being out of food, the waitstaff was extraordinarily inattentive and left the tables dirty as new guests arrived. Moreover, they weren’t friendly and were completely unapologetic about their l It took them about 20 minutes to make my smoothie, and when it came, they gave me strawberry flavor instead of mango. Since I’m not one who likes to cause a fuss (make a problem), I just drank the strawberry smoothie. As if it couldn’t get any worse, when I went to pay the bill, their card machine was broken, and they didn’t have change for my cash. So, I had to walk one kilometer by withdrawing some money. Again, no apologies for this.

I saw this is as inferior service because they were out of almost everything they offered on their menu. In my opinion, this isn’t acceptable. I understand that sometimes, restaurants run out of some items, but it’s excessive to be out of almost everything. Furthermore, I believe that attitude is critical when you’re working. It would have all been okay if the waitstaff had been more gracious about all of their shortcomings (mistakes).

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