TIP (4) ACADEMIC WRITTING TASK 1 Tips for Process Diagram

TIP (4) ACADEMIC WRITTING TASK 1 Tips for process diagram

Tips for process diagram
Process diagrams show how something is done or made. They always show steps/stages. Here’s some advice about how to describe them:
· Try to write 4 paragraphs – introduction, summary of main points, 2 detail paragraphs.
· Write the introduction by paraphrasing the question (rewrite it by changing some of the words).
· For your summary, first say how many steps there are in the process. Then say where/how the process begins and ends (look at the first and last stages).
· In paragraphs 3 and 4, describe the process step by step. Include the first and last steps that you mentioned in the summary, but try to describe them in more detail or in a different way.
· You could describe the steps in one paragraph, but it looks more organised if you break the description into two paragraphs. Just start paragraph 4 somewhere in the middle of the process.
· Mention every stage in the process.
· Use ‘sequencing’ language e.g. at the first / second / following / final stage of the process, next, after that, then, finally etc.
· Times (e.g. past dates) are not usually shown, so use the present simple tense.
· It’s usually a good idea to use the passive e.g. ‘At the final stage, the product is delivered to shops’ (because we don’t need to know who delivered the product).

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