Describe a Family Member Whom You Would Like to Work with In the Future

Describe a family member whom you would like to work with in the future.

  • Who the person is?
  • Have you ever worked with a person before?
  • What kinds of work you would like to do with the person?
  • And explain how you will feel if you can finally work together.

Sample 1 Describe a Family Member Whom You Would Like to Work with In the Future

Well, they all have many dreams of the individual who likes to fulfil their desires and want to work with family members for a long time period. Many people want to work with family members to grow their businesses to a higher level.

Here I would like to talk about the plan in which I want to work with my father in the future, even if it’s my dream, and I like to fulfil my dream with my thinking and always follow my concept. There are numerous reasons why I like to work with my father even my father also runs a steel company with about 300 employees. He appropriately manages all the employees.

Even he is a very good organiser, and I am sure I would like to walk with my father, and definitely, we would definitely receive the heights of milestones we were seeking. Apart from that, I will learn ample assets of lessons from my father while dealing with work and like companies and like to take an order from an international organisation that is one of the most vital for me because in my early stage.

I also go through very hard experiences, which I take from my father because he’s a very motivational inspiration. He would like to organise a seminar every weekend. He has also become my inspiration to many of the youngsters sometimes he also organises all his events in a very good way even he also entered one social media platform which also gets an update from them moreover his way of handling the company is incredible another factor is that I have very good communication a bonding with my father, so that’s the reason. I would like to grow my business to the heights with him.

Furthermore, my father also understands my feelings. He always provides a profit loss, and about life, I remember the last time vividly when I was stuck in a worse situation. He helped to sort out that ambience, so I felt over the moon because he was not my father.

He’s my role model in my eyes even though he has a bank of knowledge and also provides all the possible sports to needy ones even he has kind-hearted and donated some amount of money to the non-organisation NGOs so that is a person when I like to work with him in the future definitely we should achieve all the targets and follows all the morals value which I take from my father and grow the business into the Heights.

Sample 2 Describe a Family Member Whom You Would Like to Work with In the Future

There are so many businesses or jobs which people are nowadays in the evening a lot and bases secure to collaborate with the family members so relaxing for them as well as there are no threat or ideas events which might occur so similarly.

I also aim to collaborate with my sister, so my sister and I get along very well because we had also done a similar project during our college days on the occasion of the Women’s Day celebration. We made beautiful jewellery made of silk thread, and BA soldered to RPS.

The business was a bit slow. However, as time increased and we also got a profit of 5000 bucks, which was a really big amount happy to work with my sister because she is one of the toughest down-to-earth people. I have never seen it in future.

I also want to continue a similar business, and I am hoping she will make the required jewellery. She would take care of all the raw materials needed, and I would ensure that the marketing was properly done and the account section was. Which I am I would be responsible for. So so happy that I would get a chance to work with her again, and I feel it would be an extraordinary experience.

Part 3 Questions Describe a Family Member Whom You Would Like to Work with In the Future

Question 1:- Are there any positive effects of working with a family member?

Answer 1:- Yes, so there are lots of positive effects of working with a family member. First or four we need to maintain a relationship bonding with each other because, in outer reality, they a lot of cheating and fraud gonna happen in a daily routine; once we deal with our family members, we enhance our living standards and also set up a good communication skill with each other.

Answer 2:- There are many optimistic effects of working with well-known people. Firstly I would say that there is proper protection, and we can truly believe the person since he or she belongs to our Rose family, can take ample breaks whenever we feel low, and they would take care of the business apex wood to make one convenient to startup business family member.

Question 2:- What kinds of family businesses are there in India?

Answer 1:- Well, India is a diverse country, and plenty of businesses are quite popular in India. Many businesses such as clothing, trading shoes even utensils these businesses are quite popular, and people like to attract themself and also buy a lot of things from them. Their product quality is quite superior compared to the international product. People are Keen to focus on growing those businesses with their pockets because these are the businesses that also give full of support during the pandemic of COVID-19, so it’s a possibility to preserve their business and make a huge contribution to receive economy of the country.

Answer 2:- A wide range of family businesses is currently in North India. So many merchants collaborate with their own members and are involved in clothing and food businesses. Most people are engaged in catering services and tourism services.

Question 3:- Why do people like to set up a family business?

Answer 1:- They are lots of factors which people like to set up a new family business. First of all, they don’t want any cheating and fraud in their businesses because trust is a note easily and like a set up a new business is not a piece of cake even this requires a lot of honesty and dedication once they set up a family business with each other they are numerous of benefits which people need to gain the day to day life which eventually is to enhance the living standard of every family and also make a strong bonding with each other.

Answer 2:- The people in India feel that it is this is so safe and Secure, and they can easily trust the family member rather than a 32 unknown person or a stranger, so I feel that this is the most important aspect that has to be considered when starting a business people are fond of collaborating with their family.

Question 4:- What are the advantages and disadvantages of a family business?

Answer 1:- Well, there are some merits and demerits of the family business. On the positive side, it helps to communicate themselves inappropriate manner that, leads to enhancing the quality of life and making a good relationship between the family. Despite being married, they are some negative points of family businesses. Sometimes family is unable to develop good communication with each other, and conflict will arise. Being unable to control themselves eventually leads to children would be suffering from dead consequences, unable to develop a good stone bonding inside the family.

Answer 2:- Millets merits and demerits of collaborating with a family member. Firstly, there are so many processes which include equal trust responsibilities. We can take several breaks whenever they go out, there might be many more challenges for the family members, and it might lead to separations if the situation gets out of hand.

Question 5:- What are the causes for the success of a family business?

Answer 1:- Hello, there are many reasons family businesses achieve their milestones, even dedication, honesty and punctuality. These three main factors are vital for every business to make stronger from its roots. Even a family business also understands all the profit and loss with the presence of mind. Even though they have some tactics to organise a business in a unique way, even in tickle time, they need to use their financials to handle dad businesses in a difficult time.

Answer 2:- Is that it is the true bonding which they have within their family and also proper communication and the respect which they have within their community, so these factors play a key role in starting up any business.

Question 6:- How is the relationship among members of a family business?

Answer 1:- Well, dollars of relation ship’s between family businesses like a brother, mother-father in law brother-in-law, and sister-in-law depend on the situation of the business, and they like to contribute to each other to grow the business and a higher level and also take an equal partition of the profit from the businesses.

Answer 2:- There is a manager, and there are employees who market is the product or sell the product. Similarly, if a new person enters the family business, they must see till they have till they gain proper Experience, so I would say that is the best business.

Question 7:- In what ways have families in your country changed recently?

Answer 1:- Well, lots of modifications have been observed in this modern era as compared to the Past. The situation of the family completely changes and becomes nuclear. People don’t like to live in a large family because they are lots of disputes and conflicts between them, and they are unable to enhance their bonding which eventually issues them to live separately from their parents and even relatives.

Answer 2:- In ancient times people used to live under the same roof, and there would be a, however, nowadays, people are moving out of their villages and migrating to cities, and they feel that it’s better to be in a nuclear family rather than living with a group of people, so this kind of lifestyle has changed rapidly how people are trying to adapt themselves.

Question 8:- Should husbands and wives have different roles within the family?

Answer 1:- Yes, India is famous for its family background. Even all the support of husband and wife is quite compatible and important in every family because all the crucial decisions will be taken with their consent of them. After all, many situations when husband and wife are getting together to sort out any difficult problem and like to contribute both of them and stand like stone.

Answer 2:- Not really nowadays, most people are educated, and they are not discriminating against themselves based on their agendas, so I see that it is significant for both husbands and boys to take care of their homes and city to share their household tours and kids Castle.

Question 9:- Which are more important to you: your family or your friends?

Answer 1:- Family and friends are never comparable because both are hard to crucial for every human. Even every people know the importance of family, never to be forgotten. After all, it has a lot of sacrifices is even family complete their whole life to save the upcoming generation and also provides all the ethics and morals and values which we never get from the outer source on the other hand friends also vital for every situation sometimes people unable to share their moment with your family, so that is the friend they shared their situation and also controlled by the presence of mind, so I think this kind of differences between family and parents and both are vital in the modern era.

Answer 2:- That is quite a challenging question to answer because it depends upon the circumstances and the situations in which we are involved, so whenever I feel low or depressed then, I would dark all my friends and ask them to come out for a quick dinner or lunch. I would share all my feelings with them; however, whenever I feel that I am happy to have accomplished something in my life, then I would hang out with my friends and also have good communication with my parents so to whom I want to have a good rapport talk with them.

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