Today Many People Do Not Know Their Neighbours

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Today many people do not know their neighbours. Why is this? What can be done about this?

Sample 1 Today Many People Do Not Know Their Neighbours

It has been observed that an increasing number of people are unknown to their neighbours. Out of any reasons, technology is one of the reasons, and arranging social events is one of the solutions to make people socialize with their neighbours.

First off, Technology. To elaborate, people work around the clock, and when they get tired, they prefer to use electronic devices to play games and communicate with their near and their ones. Thus they have fewer interactions physically with their neighbours. For instance, WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram entertain individuals. People spend a lot of time seeing the reels and messages instead of visiting them in person. Even they chat or make video calls to avoid going a few steps to meet others.

A lot of things can be done to strengthen the bonding of neighbours. Arranging social events can work well. To explain it, social programs can bring people close to each other. Individuals spare some time to attend those functions when they are invited on such occasions. Even their short presence at these events can give them a chance to be a part of a debate or gossip. They will feel light and would prefer to visit such occasions more and more. To exemplify it, local festivals, marriages, and birthday parties are such memorable periods which can bridge the communication gap. They will be more interested in making their neighbourhood beautiful and upgraded. The regular visits to each other’s homes will make them outspoken.

To conclude, it is clear that technology has made people reserved and people avoid visiting other’s places just for the sake of entertaining themselves more on it. Besides, arranging social programs is beneficial to mitigate the conversational gap. Individuals would participate in those events and put forward their plans to make their surroundings pleasant.

Sample 2 Today Many People Do Not Know Their Neighbours

Nowadays, most individuals are not introduced to their neighbourhoods. In my opinion, it is happening to a lack of socializing with each other and a busy lifestyle. I will briefly discuss these causes and give some possible solutions in the following paragraphs.

To begin with, in the fast pace world, people don’t feel able to spend time with their neighbours due to their busier lifestyle. To be more precise, nowadays, people want to earn more money and live luxurious lifestyles; they work long hours and feel tired after their jobs. For instance, in the nuclear family, men and women both work in an office and sometimes they spend most of their time travelling, so they feel less energetic and don’t involve in talking with neighbours. Moreover, people want to relax into their busier life on the weekends. Therefore they are taking rest and don’t get to communicate with neighbours.

In addition, sometimes people do not communicate with their next-door due to a lack of social skills. Specifically, many people have extroverted natures; they are not involved in any type of social activities. They do not understand neighbours’ benefits and always close the door when the next-door families try to interact with them. For example, in metropolitan cities, people always close their doors, concentrate on their work, and do not provide interest to talk with others.

However, there are different solutions to tackle this situation. Firstly, people get organize social events at the weekends in their society and must involve all members of the buildings. In this way, every weekend, people interact with each other and realize the importance of neighbours. Secondly, since parents give permission to their children to get along with each other and play different games, children must introduce themselves to others and enhance their knowledge by exchanging important notes and experiences, which helps to improve their social skills. Another important thing is that individuals get along with next-door people, which can be useful to share and solve each other’s problems. For example, women always interact with their neighbours, which can be helpful in both good and bad situations. Hence, there are various ways to express feelings about the neighbourhood.

In conclusion, although, in the modern era, people don’t spend their valuable time with neighbours due to complex lifestyles and lack of social skills, however, there are different ways to solve this problem, such as organizing social events and functions which try to must people include and allow to children for playing games with neighbour’s child and exchange things and knowledge.

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