We Have Become a Disposable Society Preferring to Buy New Products: Writing Task 2

We have become a disposable society preferring to buy new products rather than repair existing items. Why do you think this is? How can this trend be reversed?

Sample 1 We Have Become a Disposable Society Preferring to Buy New Products: Writing Task 2

It is an irrefutable fact that people are randomly throwing away obsolete items instead of repairing and reusing them in this contemporary epoch. The principal objective of this exposition is to put forth some of the key genesis of disposing of existing products along with a few plausible solutions.

Scrutinizing the given assertion and elaborating further, the majority of the human population prefers to throw away used products rather than repair old items. The first and foremost reason behind this practice is the rapid advances in technology. To exemplify, if there is a small glitch in any electronic gadget, then individuals are likely to either exchange or purchase the latest model. They anticipate that the costs incurred in repairing will be approximately equivalent to buying a new product. Furthermore, they consider that it is superior to own and use the latest gadget with multiple advanced features rather than using an old one with limited attributes. Similarly, retailers provide fascinating discounts or offers for exchanging used items at the time of purchasing a pristine one. Hence, the public feels that giving away old products has numerous benefits.

Probing ahead with the solutions, this practice can be halted by establishing a plethora of service centres in every vicinity. For instance, if the mobile is not working properly, the owner should repair it by visiting these stores, and it can be used once again. The costs for such tiny repairs are extremely affordable. Moreover, there are plentiful applications such as UrbanClap that are widely functioning to provide convenient and comfortable services by directly visiting their customers’ houses. They recruit staff who are experts in such maintenance and service activities. Individuals can reserve service on the application directly. Upon booking, one of the workers would make a visit to repair any goods or products. Thus these ways can be inculcated instead of throwing away products.


Taking everything into consideration, although people prefer to throw away fruitful products with the view of replacing them with the latest models, they can be easily repaired by visiting service stores or installing applications and using these items for longer periods.

Sample 2 We Have Become a Disposable Society Preferring to Buy New Products: Writing Task 2

It goes without saying that reprocessing plays a significant role in managing the whole world conveniently, and the problem of salvage rapidly spreads across the world. This leads the whole community to turn into disposable instead of repairs or reclaiming the products they used only once and thrown away. However, it is becoming a monster of the problem that needs immediate attention before it worsens. This essay will examine the grounds why this issue will occur and discuss some possible ways out.

The pre-dominate factors result in the communities becoming disposable or the consumption of products and immense development. In the modern era, individuals engaged with a handsome package of salary due to Advance economic development, which leads people easily find their desirable job to fulfil their basic needs; this leads people to become more materialistic and consume their money on ample products. As a result, they are used a single time and thrown into the trash. Put in other words, people are more workaholics as compared to the past even if they enrol themselves in the rat race, so they have of lack time to reprocess their used items because of getting old and moving to throw them away. For instance, a survey conducted in India found that most of the population like to use products only a single time because they’re not able to spend time on repair or recycling because the repair cost is quite expensive. To add, with the boom of technology development, there are numerous products available with reasonable prices so that people will attract more to use this product and buy without repairs.

Nevertheless, there are potential ways to solve this problem or at least reduce the effect, and firstly government should encourage citizens to save money to avoid wasting it and develop a habit of recycling; this leads people would realise there are problems, responsibilities and give more contribution to preserve the community from the wastage. Secondly, authority is needed to impose strict laws against factories, and customers would be penalised with hefty amounts against those who found the waste of their products after use. For example, the Indian government increased the ratio of taxes on wasting treatments, especially industrial rubbish and also imposed high taxes on people pocket who waste products without repair.

To put it in a nutshell, I pen down saying that people would rely on their responsibility to save the environment from wastage and put their intention of recycling the products on a wide scale.

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