Whether or Not a Person Achieves Their Goals in Life Is Mostly Related to Luck

Whether or Not a Person Achieves their Goals In Life is Mostly Related To Luck. To What Extent Do You Agree or Disagree?

It is argued that the individual’s destiny may or may not play a key role in accomplishing specific objectives. Some will agree with the point that fate is significant in achieving targets or endeavours; however, some will oppose and will stick to their sheer talent and hard work to achieve success. Both luck and hard work are essential in attributing goals.

On the one hand, we strive to achieve goals by working day and night. We give our best, and with much determination, we sometimes sacrifice our sleep and enjoyment to get what we want. If we have worked hard, no challenge can stop us as we know our contribution inside out, and we are well aware of the solutions and how to tackle them. Sometimes, we do get immediate results with good luck, but to have extraordinary success, we need to go the extra mile with great perseverance. For instance, we plan on making money through gambling or the lottery, trusting our luck to gain prominence. However, sometimes, the situation can turn the tables around, and we could lose a hefty amount making us miserable. The fruit of hard work is never taken back, and it has a steady result with fewer downfalls as compared to luck.

On the contrary, sometimes, fate is also involved in deciding the result of the objective. We may encounter environmental challenges like heavy rains causing floods that can stop us from attending the central conference meeting, which would either make or break the deal. Similarly, our health issues would also make us give up the months of hard work we had put in to achieve our target. For example, a student studies hard for the entrance tests for months, and with hard work and persistence, he/she scores well in the mock tests, which boosts his/her confidence for the main exam. However, a day before the main exam, he/she falls sick, which enables him/her from giving the exam, and months of hard work go in vain shattering the dreams of getting into good universities.

To conclude, luck is a belief, and hard work is our path to achieving our goals. These two should work collaboratively to give desired results. One should always possess and believe in both luck and hard work.

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