Write a Letter of Invitation to a Friend for a Special Celebration

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Write a letter of invitation to a friend for a special celebration. In your letter include

  • An invitation for your friend
  • What the celebration is about
  • Travel and accommodation suggestions

Dear Sam,

Though it’s been such a short time since we last saw each other, it feels so long. How are you and the family?

I’m very excited to invite you to my place which you always love to be at. I know it was tough for you to leave my town last time as you enjoyed the serene beauty of spectacular lakes and ponds here, but this is the chance again for all of us to get together and enjoy the moon on a special day; I hope you’d love to hangover too.

I know you must be wondering what the would be the occasion! It’s my parent’s 25th wedding anniversary, which I always wanted to make more memorable for them. I’m also inviting our best buddies, Tina and Rohan, and some of my dear family members and friends. I advise you to mark the day, 23rd August, in your calendar.

As the flights have started operating, try to plan your travel early. See if you can start on 21st, Saturday, so that you can have some buffer time to relax. I’ve reserved a guest house for your stay near the banquet hall where the actual celebration will occur. I’m sure you’ll love and adore the location again!

Take care and see you soon!

Best wishes,

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