Write a Letter to The Local Council Regarding the Plan of Replacement of A Library

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Write a letter to the local council regarding the plan of replacement of a library with a supermarket; you need to write the following:

  • Where did you get this information?
  • The disadvantages of having a supermarket instead of a library
  • Importance of having a library

Dear Sir/ Madam,
I am writing this letter to express my grave concern over your decision in replacing a library with a supermarket.
Let me tell you that I was reading a newspaper; abruptly, an advertisement regarding converting a library into a supermarket caught my attention. I was taken aback to read it. Besides, one of my friends, who had been working as a civil engineer, informed me that he had to complete it within a certain time period. So, I got assured about this decision.
Suffice to say that changing a library into a supermarket will make our town congested. Now, the library is located in a tranquil place, so constructing a supermarket will destroy the place’s natural beauty. As currently there are many trees. So in order to make a shopping centre, a lot of trees have been cut down. Besides, other shopping stores are available in other areas of the town, but the library is only this one.
In addition, a library in any city or town inculcates good reading habits among learners. Besides, every age group visit to the library and it is the best source for oldsters to read newspaper or magazine to keep themselves abreast with the outer world and pass their time. So, it is meant for individuals. I expect you would reconsider over your decision for the welfare of my community people.
I look forward to hearing from you.
Yours Faithfully,
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