September 2021 to December 2021 Cue Cards with Answers UpDated

✅☑ Hello! Dear learners, in this post you will get a list of September 2021 December 2021 cue cards with answers Updated. As you all know that speaking module is one of the most important parts of the IELTS course. Although most of the students know that fact, they are not much confident about their speaking module. Even though sometimes they worry about how will give an effective answer to the examiner.

Here is the solution what you need to crack the IELTS exam. we are giving you a list of speaking cue cards from September 2021 to December 2021. In this way, you will get a good band score on your IELTS exam and feel more confident.

Test takers can read sample answers for these latest cue cards topics and do self-practice at home. These are the most recent updated cue cards topics to study from September 2021 to December 2021. prediction is merely guesswork so, it does mean you can ask some different questions in your real exam. Thus you have to be prepare and practice as much as you can. you should still read more samples from May 2021 to August 2021. Remember one thing these samples are 100% accurate but you have to practice and be prepared for more questions on your exam.

September 2021 to December 2021 Cue Cards with Answers UpDated’


1 Talk about an electrical plant where electricity is produced in your hometown? ( Where it is located, When you visited here, Why you Visited here And Explained and share your experience )
2 Describe a product from another country that you would like to buy ( What it was, Where you bought it, What you use it for, Why you bought it)
3 Talk about a puzzle that you solved ( What puzzle it was, How long it took to complete it, Weather it was difficult or easy, How you felt about it)+
4 Describe a city where you want to live in the future ( What city it was, When you went there, What you did there, Why you liked it )+
5 Talk about your favourite singer ( Who this singer is, When and where you listen to their songs, What kind of music they perform, Why you like them)+
6 Talk about a piece of local news that people were interested in ( What news it was, Who was involved, Where you saw or heard it, Why people were interested in it?)+
7 Talk about a time when you helped your friend ( When It was, How you helped your friend, Why you helped your friend, How you felt about it)+
8 Talk about an occasion you saw a lot of people smiling ( What occasion it was, Where it was, Why they were smiling)+
9 Talk about a plan you have for the future but not related to work or study ( What it is, Why you have this plan, What you will need to do in order to make the plan work, how you think you will feel after you succeed)+
10 Talk about a tall building in your town or city that you like or dislike ( Where this building is, What it looks like, What it is used for, Explain why you like or dislike it)+
11 Talk about a leisure activity near or in the sea that you want to try ( What activity it is, How you should prepare for the activity, Why you want to try it)
12 Talk about an interesting old person ( Who this person is, How you know this person, What you like to do together, How you feel about this person) 
13 Talk about something that you have shared with others ( What you shared, When you shared it, Who you shared it with, Why you shared it)+
14 Talk about an article on health that you read online or in a magazine ( What the article was about, Where you read it, Why you read it, How you felt about it)+
15 Talk about an art and craft activity that you had at school ( What you made, How you made it, What it looked like, How you felt about it )+
16 Talk about a quiet place that you like to go to ( What place it is, How often you go there when you go there, What you do there, Why you like this place)
17 Talk about a movie that you like ( What the movie is about, Where and when you watched it, Why you liked it)
18 Talk about a big company where you live that employs a lot of people ( What this company does, How you know this organization, How big it is, What kind of people work there )+
19 Talk about a time you saw something interesting on Social Media ( When it was, Where you saw it, What you saw, Why it was interesting)+
20 Talk about a Law on Environment protection ( What the law is, How you first learned about it, Who benefits from this law, How you feel about it)+
21 Talk about a time when you tried to do something but it was not very successful ( What you tried to do, When it was, Why you failed to do it, How you felt about it)+
22 Talk about a useful piece of equipment, not the computer that you use at home ( What it is, How you use it, How often you use it, Why it is important )
23 Talk about a natural Talent that you want to improve ( What it is, When you discovered it, How you want to improve it, How you feel about it)
24 Talk about an activity you do often work or school ( What activity it is, When and where you do this, Who you do it with, Why you do it)
25 Talk about an argument two of your friends had ( What it was about, When it was, How it was resolved, How you felt about it)+
26 Describe your favourite day of the week ( Which day it is? Why do you like it? What do you do on this day? )
27 Talk about an experience when you use were not allowed to use a mobile phone ( What you did when it was, where it was, why you were not allowed to use a mobile phone)+
28 Describe a foreign film you like Watching ( What film it was, Who the actors were, When you watched it, Why you enjoy this film)+
29 Describe something unusual you did recently (What it was, Who was with you, Why you did it, Why you think it was unusual or interesting)
30 Describe an ideal job you wanted to do when you were a child ( What it was, How you knew this job, What you should learn to get it, Why you like it )
31 Describe an art exhibition you have visited ( When you went there, Where it was, What it was like, how you felt about it)+
32 Describe a person who you think wears unusual clothes ( Who this person is, How you knew this person, What his/her clothes are like, Why you think his/her clothes are unusual )+
33 Describe a film about a real person or events ( When and where you saw this movie, What person or event the film was about, What happened in the film, How you felt about this film )
34 Describe a place you enjoy staying in ( Where it is, how often you go there, What it is famous for, Why you like staying there)
35 Describe a working place that you know ( What kind of workplace it is, How you know this place, What People do there, how you feel about this place)
36 Describe something interesting that your friend has done but you haven’t done ( What it is, Why you think it is interesting, Why you want to do this)
37 Describe an Interesting Neighbor you like most ( Who this person is, How you know this person, What this person like to do, Why you think this neighbor is interesting)
38 Describe a surprise you have ( When and where it happened, Why you were surprised, Who gave this surprise to you, Why you felt about it afterward)
39 Describe an App you know ( What the app is, How does the app use for, how did you know this app, Why you use this app)
40 Talk about a piece of clothes that you wore on a formal occasion ( What it looked like, What occasion you wore it at, Why you would wear it, How you felt about it)
41 Describe an occasion when you were scared or Afraid; (When and where it happened, Who you were with, Why you were scared, How you felt about it)
42 Talk about an occasion when you got up extremely early ( When this happened, What you needed to do on that day, who you  were with, how you felt about getting up early on that day )
43 Talk about a time when you did shopping in a street market ( what street market it was and where it was, when it was, what you bought, how you felt about this shopping experience )+
44 Talk about a sportsman who did well at an event ( Who the sportsman was, What he did, What kinda sports)
45 Talk about a businessman that you admire. ( Who his person is; How you got to know this person; What this person does; How you think of this person. )
46 Describe a person you know who gave a cleaver solution to a problem ( Who this person is, What the problem was, What solution he/she gave, Why you think it was a clever solution) Sample 2
47 Talk about an exciting book you read ( What the book is and what it is about, why you read it, Why you find it exciting)
48 Describe a cafe that you  like to visit (What cafe it is, where it is, How often you go there, Why you like to visit the cafe )
49 Describe a situation when you had to be friendly with someone you dislike ( What the situation was, Who this person was, When it was, Why you had to be friendly )
50 Describe an occasion when you received good service from a company or shop ( What company or business it was and what this company does, What the service was and who helped you, Where you receive this good service, Why you think it was good service)
51 Describe a difficult decision that you once made  ( What the decision was, How you made your decision, What the result of the decision was, Why it was difficult to make)
52 Describe a long bike, motorbike or car trip that you would like to take ( When you went to go, Where you want to go, How long it will take you, Why it is interesting)
53 Describe a foreign person you are interested in ( Who this person is, How you know this person, Why you think this person is interesting)
54 Describe a time you waited for something special to happen ( What you were waiting for, How you felt, What you did while waiting, Why you waited for it)
55 Describe a place you visited on vocation ( Where this place was, What you did there, Who you went there with, Why you liked this place)
56 Describe a person whose creative work you admire ( Who this person is, How you know this person, What creative things this person likes to do, Why you admire this person)
57 Describe an old person you know and respect (Who he or she is, How you know this person, What he or she is like, why you respect him or her )
58 Describe a person who helps others in his or her spare time ( Who this person is, How often this person helps others, How this person helps others, Why this person helps others, How you feel about this person? )
59 Describe a famous athlete you know ( Who he/she is, How do you know him/her, What has he/she achieved, why he/she is famous.)
60 Describe a time when you first talked in a foreign language (Where were you, Who you were with, What did you talk about, how you felt about it) 
61 Describe something important that has been kept in your family for a long time. ( What is it, When your family had it, How your family got it, why it is important for your family )
62 Talk about a time when you gave advice to someone ( Who you gave advice to, What the advice was, Why you gave the advice, how you felt about the advice?)
63 Describe a time when your computer broke down ( When it was, What you were doing, What you did about it, how you felt about it)
64 Describe a famous person that you are interested in ( Who this person is, How you know about this person, What sort of life they had before they became famous, How this person became famous, Why you like this person )
65 Describe a part of a city or a town you enjoy spending time in ( where it is, what it is like, what do you do there, why you enjoy spending time there )
66 Describe your favourite weather ( What kind of weather it is, When this weather usually occurs, What you usually do during this weather, Explain how this weather affects you, And explain why you like this type of weather )
67 Describe a time when you were really close to a wild animal ( What it looked like, Where you saw it, What it likes to eat or do, Why do you like it)
68 Describe a computer/phone game you enjoy playing since your childhood ( What the game is about, When you started playing it, How often do you play this game, Why you enjoy playing it) 
69 Describe the time when you had to sing a song or a poem in front of the public ( Where were you, What did you sing, How did you feel )
70 Describe a time when you felt bored ( When it was, Who you were with, What you were doing, Why you felt bored )
71 Describe a decision made by others/someone that you disagreed with ( What the decision was, How was it made, What you disagreed with, why you disagreed with it )
72 Describe a time when you encouraged someone to do something that he/she didn’t want to do ( Who he or she is, What you encouraged him/her to do, How he/she reacted, why you encouraged him/her )
73 Describe a perfect job you would like to have in the future ( What it is, How you knew it, What it is like, why you think it is perfect)
74 Describe a short trip that you often take but do not like ( where you go, when you go there, why you go there, why you do not like this trip )
75 Describe a time when you had to wait in a long line ( when it was, how long was the queue/line was, what it was about, how you felt about waiting in this long queue or line.) 
76 Describe a special hotel you stayed in ( Where it is, What it is like, Why you went there, And how you felt about it )
77 Describe a time when you needed to use your imagination ( When it was, When you needed to use imagination, How difficult or easy it was, How you felt about it )
78 Describe a skill that you can teach other people ( What it is, How you learnt it, How can you teach others this skill, How do you feel about this skill )
79 Describe a time when you told your friend an important truth ( Who your friend is, What the truth was, What your friend’s reaction was, why it was important for you to tell the truth to your friend )
80 Describe a time you made a promise to someone ( Whom did you make the promise to, What the promise was, Why you made the promise, Was the promise easy to achieve) 
81 Describe your favourite singer ( How do you know this singer, What this person is like, Do you think he/she is good? )
82 Describe a bag you want to own ( What kind of bag it is, Where you want to buy it, How much it will cost you, Why do you want this kind of bag) 
83 Describe an aquatic animal ( What it looks like, When you saw it, Where you saw it, Explain why it is interesting) 
84 Describe your first day at school ( Where it was? What happened, how you felt on that day) 
85 Describe a time you got lost in a place you didn’t know about ( When did it happen, Who was with you, What did you do, How you felt about it )
86 Describe a live sports match that you have watched ( What it was, When you watched it, What it was like, how you felt about it )
87 Describe a habit your friend has and you want to develop ( Who your friend is, What habit he/she has, When you noticed this habit, why you want to develop this habit) 
88 Describe a time when you changed your opinion ( When it was, What the original opinion was, Why you changed it, how you felt about it)
89 Updating

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