Writting Task 2 the Increase in Mobile Phone Use

The increase in mobile phone use in recent years has transformed the way we live, communicate and do business. Mobile phones can also be the cause of social or medical problems. What forms do these problems take? Do you think the advantages outweigh the disadvantages of mobile phones?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.advantages and disadvantages .

Write at least 250 words.

Mobile phones have changed the lives of each and every one of us in the last 2 decades. Of course, these devices have made communication simple and less costly—cheap, even—among friends, family, work, business, and society. Now, mobile phones are not only used for talking, chatting, and texting but also for browsing the internet, playing games, purchasing online, paying for things, listening to music, watching movies, making blogs, entertaining different programs, listening to the radio, tweeting, checking email, receiving and sending mails, clicking pictures of the family, friends, office groups on special occasions, and making videos to keep the memory forever. The internet is something that is in mobile phones rather than on a computer.


Everything that exists has two sides: good or bad, profit or loss, advantages or disadvantages. If we don’t use mobile phones carefully, it means we are only digging our graves on the account of entertainment. It’s a severe health risk if you are continuously living near mobile phone transmitters; reports show a higher rate of cancer caused. If it’s near or underneath your pillow, transmitting heat and waves next to your ears for the whole night or day, or for long hours, it may lead you to deafness, or you could be caught in lunacy.

When you become more paralyzed by mobile use, slowly you drift away from society, friends, relatives, and family members who are near to you. There are so many places like theatres and cinemas, public transport, airports, and in some monuments and historical places, requesting users to switch off their mobile phones or to silence them.

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There are some technical issues, too, with mobile phones; everywhere you cannot have proper network connectivity, and audio quality can be poor.

Although there are a number of disadvantages, we have a heap of benefits too from mobile phones that cannot be denied, and its use will definitely continue to change our life day by day. Every day, new technology is included.

2 thoughts on “Writting Task 2 the Increase in Mobile Phone Use”

  1. In today’s scenario mobile phones are playing very important role in everyone’s life. It has some advantages and disadvantages. At that time when mobile phones arrived in our life use of mobile phone is very less people use it very rarely according to their need but now the time is changed and our habit of using mobile phones also. Today mobile phone is everyone’s addiction. Mobile Phone is very useful in our daily life but nowdays people are using it as a toy which results in many health problems. It affects our physical and mental health very badly. People are suffering from many psychological disorders like insomnia, obsessive compulsive disorder etc. We have to understand that every gadget we use has it’s using limits. People are becoming less social because of mobiles. Communicating capacity of people are getting very poor. These are some disadvantages of mobile phones. But mobile phones has some advantages also like it saves our time, money and energy in various ways. Like people are doing their important work done with the help of mobile phones. It is a very good source of communication. For earning knowledge we can use it.

  2. Nowadays mobile phones Invariably transformed the life style of people around the world and it has rationally helped in communication and daily activities. Eventhough it has positive aspects cell phone use has found to cause various medical problems due to its continious use. In this essay i am describing both pros and cons of mobile phone usage. One the oneside due to the wide use of mibile phone now world become so small literally.People are use it mainly for communication either through voice call or as text messaging services.Cell phone helps in using internet effectively by which people are engaged in social media communication also. Various apps used commonly are face book and watts app helps people connected always.It helps in business also which reduces the time and saves time. On the other side mobile phone usage has some potential side effects also.It reduces chances of face to face interaction among people which reduces human values.It may sometimes becomes addiction to people who are constantly uses it.The important problems caused by cell phone misusage are ranges from mild head aches to severe brain tumours which makes man in dilemma.scientists around the world conducting researches on various medical and psychological issues caused by hand phones.Another common problem by mobile phone is our youngsters uses mobile phones for making antisocial activities which are socially unacceptable and unethical. In addition to that mobile phone will reduce reading habits among all age groups which may reduce the chance of intellectual development In my own point of view even though mobile phones have serious disadvantages it should be used properly by all age groups so as to make it a better communication device compared to others. As a conclusion it can be said that mobile phones are the important communication modality which should be used cautiously which will reduces the bad effects and makes our life easier.

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