You Are Going on A Short Course to A Training College Abroad

You are going on a short course to a training college abroad. It is a college that you have not been to before. Write a letter to the accommodation officer. In your letter,

  • Give details of your course and your arrival/departure date
  • Explain your accommodation needs- ground floor near to the college.
  • Ask for information about getting to and from the college.

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing this letter in regards to, and I got an invitation letter for joining your college for the next month. My name is Anish, and I am an Indian. It was a prestigious moment in my life that I got an appointment letter in Trinity college of Catering, and it was a moment of a dream come true.

I am planning to depart from 07-11-2021, and I will arrive at the nearest airport of our college at 09-11-21 6.00 PM at local time. My classes will begin 10th of November and the course Diploma in Continental Catering will end after six months. After six months, on 25-06-2022, I will deport from there.

As a new student, I preferred a single accommodation on the ground floor of the hostel. Because as per course modules, some of the late classes may end up at late nights. It will be a disturbance for my roommates when I am occupied with others. In addition, I feel comfortable on the ground floor rather than upstairs.

I kindly request you to provide accommodation broacher as soon as possible. This will help me to find the location and blueprint of the college accommodation. In addition, I know that it includes the accommodation charges and details of meals.

I look forward to your reply.

Yours Faithfully,

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