Talk About a Person Who Helps Others in His & Her Spare Time

Talk about a person who helps others in his & her spare time

  • Who this person is,
  • How often does this person help others?
  • How this person helps others, why this person helps others,
  • How do you feel about this person?

Sample Answer 1 of Talk About a Person Who Helps Others in His & Her Spare Time

I want to talk about none other than my best friend, Tarun Prasad. We have been with each other for almost 13 years; we go back a long time to put it in other words. It has been a very long friendship; even though there were some rough patches in between, but still held it very firmly. In 2008, when we started our engineering, that was the first time we met, and since then, we’ve known each other. He is a very generous person who always tries to be helpful to others in all possible scenarios.

At the same time, he is also a real extrovert who always likes to go out and enjoys himself. He believes in keeping things straight, which makes him a very straightforward personality; in other words, he doesn’t believe in beating around the bush; whatever he feels says upfront. Sometimes this behaviour of his makes blatant in front of others, but for me, this is the crux of his character, which makes our friendship alive.

Also, he is a pretty tough cookie because there were many ups and downs in his personal life; despite this, he showed an indefatigable attitude in terms of his career, which I appreciate. There have been many instances where he helped people in terms of financial help, sometimes going out of the way.

Still, one phase which I want to highlight is when we were in Bangalore and working together, that time usually on the weekends’ people try to chill, relax as they reckon weekends are the leisure time to blow off steam but in Tarun’s case, it was totally astonishing as he used to g help the needy people, few impoverished families over there, which is commendable.

He never missed going to this NGO at weekends and went out of his way to help get all the necessities, collect old clothes from friends, bring food for the people, devise small amusing surprises for people, and show a true philanthropist. Being a benevolent person, he has done many extraordinary things that are somewhat elusive in others’ cases. This work of his got imprinted on my mind, and for this specifically, I have started admiring him.

Sample Answer 2 of Talk About a Person Who Helps Others in His & Her Spare Time

The person I am going to talk about is my coach Priyam sir. He is the best person I have ever met in my life. Whenever I am in need, even though he is busy coaching other guys, he always helps me with my queries and physical fitness.

The way he handles all his clients and communicates is the best part. When I met him initially, it never felt like it was the first time I was talking to him; it felt like we had been friends for ages.

On Sundays, he is usually free since gyms are closed, and everyone is on their cheat day over the weekend. And we recently made a practice to give sessions on fitness online and use that free time to educate and motivate others to stay fit in life, I have learnt alot from him, and he has become my idol for this reason.

Maybe, it comes from inside or is inherited from their parents to help others as in the cutting edge era with overgrowing competition in everything such a nature is very difficult to find, and I am glad I know such person, and I am on cloud nine every time when I am with him, radiates good vibes.

Follow-ups of Talk About a Person Who Helps Others in His & Her Spare Time

Question 1. Do people nowadays help others more than in the past?

Answer 1:- From my perspective, I would say no, because, in earlier times, people were more transparent to each other. They were trustworthy, and other people could rely on them, so that’s why there was a more conducive environment where one person could depend on another one in taking any kind of help. Whereas, in today’s times, it is all about pretending, that is, on their face, they just pretend to be nice and friendly but actually, they aren’t genuine. This opinion I am expressing is merely based on my experience.

Answer 2:- Do people nowadays help others more than in the past?- It would be a big no, with the growing competition in this era everyone is competing to one or other and with the advancements over the telephone and other technologies people have become, so self-centred that they forget what is happening around them. Recently, one of my acquaintances met with an accident and people who were on the spot ignored if anything had even happened there. Nobody cared to even pick him up and ask if he was alright. 

Question 2. Who should teach children to help others?

Answer 1:- My take on this is, it’s a combined effort of teachers, parents and elders. As children are in their grown-up phase, they don’t have the maturity to understand and assess the situation and can easily get influenced by anyone with whom they are surrounded, especially the older ones. So, I reckon, it’s a joint venture of everyone from their surroundings, like teachers in school or parents and elders at home with whom they spend most of the time, to teach them about helping needy people and don’t turn a deaf ear to them.

Answer 2:- Who should teach children to help others?- Teaching starts at home and it’s definitely learnt at an early age when children are going to school. It’s our parents as well as teachers responsibility to teach and guide them the good traits of helping others in need. My school teachers and parents taught me the same, and I will make a solid promise to teach my kids the same thing. This is how real teaching happens, and this is how the chain of goodness should spread from parents to kids and again.

Question 3. In what kind of professions do people help others more?

Answer 1:-I don’t believe that it is anywhere related to professions. It completely depends on the person’s nature, attitude or character as helping other people is not a kind of activity or a task which anyone has to complete. This is something which should be inherent, and you should feel about it, that means if you have compassion or sympathy for the people who are actually looking for your help, then definitely, you will go out of your way to help them, and it doesn’t matter which work sector you belong to.

Answer 2:- In what kind of professions do people help others more?- well, mostly seen; in today’s world, this is tough to find, but somewhere I feel in the doctor’s profession this is really still in practice like the nurses how they treat their patients and help them fight over the disease or injury. The care doctors provide them along with treatments. However, they are paid to do this job, but still, they have humanity and are way better than others.

Question 4. Why are some people willing to help others?

Answer 1:- As I mentioned earlier, it entirely depends on the nature of the person. If someone could really empathize with those in dire need of their help, they would definitely understand their situation and do everything possible to extricate them from that unfortunate situation. But, if someone is reluctant to do this, then no matter what you will say to convince them, they will not come forward to offer their help.

Answer 2:- Why are some people willing to help others?- This thing is complex to express as I feel willingness comes from inside, as stated. Our parents are our teachers, but still willing to help others is self-realization. one even if knows everything about helping others and all the practices that he should do but if he is not able to apply those in real life, then that knowledge is of no use, so yes willingness is totally from ourselves, and this is the reason why people are willing to help others as they have felt the need or something similar has happened to them which they don’t want someone else to experience the same bad thing or event.

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