You Are Going to Travel to London for About One Week and Spend Two Days Visiting the London Library

You are going to travel to London for about one week and spend two days visiting the London Library. You are studying for a project and want to do some background studies. Write a letter to the head of the library. In your letter

  • explain what your project is about?
  • say what studies you want to do at the library?
  • say what facilities you need to use?

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am Ankitha, pursuing my Masters’s degree from Anna University. I plan to visit London next month for a week and would like to see the Central Library for two days to complete my research program and perform a few background checks following my curriculum.

Let me briefly illustrate my project. My dissertation involves the origin of humans from apes and further evolution and adaptation to a wide variety of lifestyles since then. It includes behavioural patterns of people with tremendous changes in technology from our ancestors to the modern era.

For my research work, I prefer to scan books and paperwork written by renowned scientists, which comprises extraordinary findings while exploring archaeological sites. These books consist of accurate information and techniques inculcated, such as radioactive carbon dating principles that help to discover the age of various objects used by ancestors, and I would like to incorporate their strategies in my study.

Furthermore, I would like to utilize the computer amenities and video journals which are made available to the public with prior registration. These are required to locate all books and grasp knowledge by watching some movies and films. I will bring a letter of permission from my professor to access these resources.

Thank you for your consideration.

Yours faithfully,

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