You Are Organising a Trip to The Tenby United Kingdom: GT Writing Task 1

You are organising a trip to the Tenby United Kingdom, for a group of students from Brighton, United Kingdom. Write to the Tour Manager, Mr Abraham, of an organisation that organises trips to Tenby. In your letter, explain:

  • when you want to visit and how long you will stay
  • how many students are in your group
  • and what accommodation you will require

Dear Mr Abraham,

I am writing to request assistance arranging a trip to Tenby, the UK, from Brighton for a group of pupils.

Let me inform you that I would like to bring my school students on 15th September. As students have one week’s holiday after the exam, it will last for a week from 15th September to 22nd September. It can be extended for a fortnight if they find it interesting to visit.

Furthermore, I would also like to inform you that the group consist of 10 students along with two teachers. If there is a concession for the medium-sized group, I do not hesitate to increase it to 15.

Would you be kind enough to provide suitable accommodation? I would prefer a youth hostel instead of a dormitory for my students. It would be better if there were private showers and a kitchenette. Besides, ideal locations always allure people to enjoy their leisure time blissfully, particularly if the places have lush green forests. Would you supply me with the information regarding the total expenditure of the trip with some discount? How much money is needed to deposit as a booking? I have been waiting for your reply.

Yours Sincerely,

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