IELTSFever FREE Online Mock Test Day 427 Recent IELTS Exam Tests

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IELTSFever FREE Online Mock Test Day 427 Recent Exam Tests Must Read These Instructions before participating in Exam.

The answer to every question is mandatory; otherwise, we will not accept it. Send your answers to [email protected] with your name, and city along with the question Test Number like IELTSFever FREE Online Mock Test Day 427 ( in the subject field of email), and you must send us the answer within 24 hours of the question.  We will not respond to late answers; without a name or question Number, no answer will be considered. For any help, you can contact us on the IELTSfever Instagram Page and Telegram channel For IELTS Reading Tests and Listening Tests click here

IELTSFever FREE Online Mock Test Day 427

Academic Writing Task 1

The chart below shows the sales of handmade olive oil soaps to tourists in Turkey in 2015. Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features and make comparisons where relevant.

The chart below shows the sales of handmade olive oil soaps to tourists in Turkey in 2015

General Writing Task 1

You have learned that a financial organisation in your city gives money as a loan to students who like to take a part-time course. You are interested to do the course and have decided to take a loan. Write a letter to a local financial organisation. In your letter,

give your qualifications and work experience
give details about the course
explain how this course will help you

General / Academic Writing Task 2

The threat of nuclear weapons maintains world peace. Nuclear power provides cheap and clean energy. The benefits of nuclear technology far outweigh the disadvantages. Do you agree or disagree?


Part 1 Bags & Boat

  1. Have you ever taken a ride on a boat?
  2. Do you like traveling by boat?
  3. What are the advantages of travelling by boat?
  4. Do people in your country like to travel by boat?
  5. Will it get more popular in the future?
  6. Do you like bags?
  7. What types of bags do you like?
  8. Do you usually carry a bag (when you go out)?
  9. What types of bags do you use in your everyday life?
  10. What do you put in these bags?
  11. What sorts of bags do women like to buy?

Part 2 Cue Card

Describe a time when you needed to search for information

  • What information did you need to search for?
  • When you searched for it?
  • Where you searched for it?
  • And explain why you needed to search for it.
  • How did it help you (how you felt about the information)

Part 3 Questions

  1. Is online information reliable?
  2. Do you think there is too much information online?
  3. Is the information provided on helpful television?
  4. What are some other ways of searching for information?
  5. What kind of information do people trust more?
  6. How can people search for information now?
  7. What information can people get from television?
  8. Do you think libraries are still important in the digital age?
  9. Does the development of the Internet have any impact on some disadvantaged people?
  10. What should be done to critically analyse the information people get from the internet?
  11. What are the differences between getting information from a library and getting information from a newspaper?

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