You Are Organizing a Trip to The Black Mountains in West Wales for A Group of Students

You are organizing a trip to the Black Mountains in West Wales for a group of students from Canterbury in Kent, UK. Write to the manager of Student Hostel Service.

  • Explain when you want to visit the Black Mountains,
  • How long you will stay,
  • How many students are at your party,
  • And what accommodations you will require.

Dear Sir/ Madam,

I am writing this letter in regards, and our department is planning a study tour to the Black Mountains for a group of students from Canterbury in Kent UK. My name is Anish, and I am a Professor of Management department @ Canterbury College.

We are planning to reach your hostel seventh of this month before one 1.00 PM. Next week onward, their research term starts, and they have two weeks semester break for the same. Please arrange an off-road vehicle for visiting the Black mountains.


We are planning to stay in your accommodation for nearly one week. That is the seventh of November to the fourteenth of November. Please arrange three-term food, vegetable and non-vegetable food and accommodation for both students and teachers.

The group includes 40 children of both boys and girls. Students are very friendly, and they are also from various parts of the world. So all of us expect a highly hygienic and user-friendly ambience. Except for me, there are two more lectures included in the same group. Please arrange three personal rooms for the three of us.

It is highly recommendable that, arrange two dormitories for boys and girls. Also recommendable that it includes both bathrooms and toilet facilities. Apart from this, we planned for some evening discussions and review meetings. So, two additional meeting rooms are also to be booked for us.

I hope you get an idea about our journey and expect your adequate arrangements and reply.

Yours faithfully,

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