You Attended a Meeting Last Week but You Were Not Happy with The Hotel in Which You Stayed

You attended a meeting last week but you were not happy with the hotel in which you stayed. Write a letter to the organizer who booked the hotel for you. In your letter, you should tell:-

  • what the problems were?
  • what you didn’t like about the hotel?
  • what do you want the organizer to do?

Dear Sir,

I am one of the attendees of the cultural meeting held last week. I want to express my dissatisfaction over the booking made with the Oriental hotel that I stayed in during the conference organized by your company.

There were several issues with the room, such as the air conditioner malfunctioning. Due to this, it was pretty suffocating without the windows. There were frequent fluctuations with the wireless connection, and because of this, I could not download some high-graphic content for the meeting presentation.

Moreover, I was unhappy with the staff services at the hotel as they could not address the above issues and none of them made any sensible suggestions to tackle these problems. Instead, I was denied the essential services request like laundry, although it was mentioned as included in the brochure.

I intended to raise these concerns, which need your urgent attention, so these kinds of inconveniences should not impact decent and well-organized meetings in the future. Kindly confirm the convenient amenities with the hotel before booking the rooms to avoid confusion.

I hope you consider my suggestion and concern positively.

Yours faithfully,

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