You Bought a Ticket to A Music Concert, GT Writing

You bought a ticket to a music concert. However, you are unable to go. So you decide to give a ticket to your friend. Write a letter to your friend. In your letter

  • Say about the concert
  • Why you are unable to go
  • Explain how your friend can get your ticket.

Dear Guri,

How are you? It’s been ages since we’ve contacted each other. You’ll be thrilled to bits to get a ticket to a music concert. I was ready to go; however, due to some reasons, I could not make it. So, I think you’ll enjoy the moment, and it will not be a wastage of money as well.

Let me tell you that it is being organized in Halls of Residence, in the University Campus. It is a holiday on Sunday, and I would like to suggest you reach in time. It will last for three hours and the notable thing is is that the eminent personality AR Rahman, will perform.

On the face of it, the reason for being incapable of attending it, an urgent meeting with a client. You know well that I’ve just started a new job in a company. Being a novice in a company, it is mandatory for me to have this meeting successful. Moreover, it is not possible for me to reach there even at the last moment as the meeting can go for longer hours than its required time.

Will you come to my place to collect it? Otherwise, shall I send it to you by post. It’ll be a great idea if you visit in person. In this way, we’ll meet and share a cup of joe with each other. Why don’t you come to meet me today? I’ll be free in the evening, and we’ll have plenty of time to spend with each other.

I am hoping to see you soon!

Yours Loving,

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