You Have a Complaint About the Hotel You Stayed at While Attending a Meeting

You have a complaint about the hotel you stayed at while attending a meeting that was booked by the organizer of a company meeting. Write a letter to the organizer of the meeting and include

  • Details about the meeting
  • The problem you face
  • What should be done

Dear Mr Sompsom,

I had the pleasure of attending the meeting held on January 13th at the Ibis Hotel Itu.

The venue is good for parking, and the meeting room has offered us a nice thermal comfort. Unfortunately, I should tell you that there was no restaurant nearby for a respectful meal with our team from Campinas. The restaurants nearby were too small and had no vegetarian options for lunchtime.

Also, during the break, we had no tables in the group, and our pregnant co-worker was very uncomfortable due to not having a place to sit.

I am very glad to suggest you share this information with the company responsible for the meeting organization.

I would like to thank you for hosting the meeting so nicely with your opening presentation.

Best regards,

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