You Have a Complaint About the Hotel You Stayed at While Attending

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You have a complaint about the hotel you stayed at while attending a meeting that the organizer of a company meeting booked. Write a letter to the organizer of the meeting and include

  • Details about the meeting.
  • The problem you face.
  • What should be done?

Sample 1:- You Have a Complaint About the Hotel You Stayed at While Attending

Dear Watson,

I am writing to you to make a complaint about the hotel, which was booked for a meeting by you. During the whole stay, I remained uncomfortable, and it was not like what I had planned.

Let me inform you that the meeting with a German client was fixed in a Radisson Hotel. It was on the 10th of June, and my stay was made in a VIP Guest room. The meeting went on for the whole day as we had varied topics to discuss, such as the expansion of business overseas.

Furthermore, I faced a lot of problems. Firstly, the air conditioner was not working well. Being this room located at the top made it difficult for us to focus more on the meeting. We felt thirsty, and an inadequate quantity of water bottles and other beverages exacerbated the situation. Finally, When it was time to take a printout of the contract. Unfortunately, the slow speed of the Internet didn’t allow me to take it. Therefore, I had to reschedule it for further processing.

Would you be kind enough to sort out this problem? Somehow I have convinced my client to attend the meeting next month. I want you to book it as I am your regular customer. So I cannot solely make you responsible for it. Being it a festive season, travelers make their stay in this hotel. It might be a mechanical or human error. I have spent a lot, so kindly put things right by arranging a good, comfortable room with essential facilities.

Looking forward to hearing from you as soon as possible
Yours sincerely,

Sample 2:- You Have a Complaint About the Hotel You Stayed at While Attending

Dear Mr. Jack,

I am writing this letter concerning a meeting that was held on 22 February 2023 in your hotel, and it was unsuccessful. This meeting was scheduled to give a presentation for our company’s new product ‘SonarQube’ to our most important client. We hardly convince our client to attend this meeting.

In the middle of the meeting, we faced an internet connection issue. I saved my presentation on a cloud drive, so I was not able to download it. We called your service executive to solve this problem, but after 30 minutes also, they were not able to resolve the issue. We just got 1 hour of time from our client, and almost all the time was wasted on solving the issue.

I would like to request you to please make sure to check every facility before scheduling our meeting. Now I hope next time I will not see the same or any other issue in the meeting.

I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Yours Sincerely

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