You Have Booked a Holiday for A Member of Your Family and Yourself

You have booked a holiday for a member of your family and yourself. Unfortunately, your family member cannot now go with you. A friend of yours may be interested in the trip. Write a letter to him/her

  • Explaining the situation.
  • Briefly describing the holiday.
  • And inviting him/her to go with you.

Sample Question for You Have Booked a Holiday for A Member of Your Family and Yourself

Dear John,

I hope this letter finds you in good health. It’s been a long time since we met, and I anticipate hanging out with you soon. I planned to go on a vacation to Kashmir with my brother. However, he met with an accident last week. Though he escaped with minor injuries, the doctor had propounded him to rest for some more days. Thus I’m looking for an alternative person to accompany me on this trip.

Let me briefly talk through my plans regarding the holiday. It starts with a long-haul flight on June 10 from Chennai to Kashmir with a layover in Delhi. After that, I booked a cab to reach Phelgham. An exquisite resort is prominent for its hospitality and culinary amenities, and I reserved a deluxe suite for two days. On the first day, I plan to visit appealing landscapes of steep mountains that inculcate exotic gardens such as saffron, rose, and lavender. The next day, it’s full of adventurous activities such as river rafting and hiking.

Although we thought of canceling our holiday, the flight tickets are non-refundable. Therefore, after thorough contemplation, I finally decided to ask you if it’s possible to accompany me on this spectacular vacation. I’m confident that we will have a fascinating experience, and you’ll be overwhelmed with happiness at the end of this trip.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Best Regards,

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