There Are Plans to Make Your Local Airport Bigger and Increase the Number of Flights

There are plans to make your local airport bigger and increase the number of flights. You live near the airport. Write a letter to your local council. In your letter

  • Say where you live.
  • Describe the problem.
  • Say why you do not want the development to take place.

Sample Question for There Are Plans to Make Your Local Airport Bigger and Increase the Number of Flights

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am John, and I am writing this epistle to express my discontent with the latest discussions on the renovation of the airport and an uplift in the number of airplanes. I reside with my parents in a gated community in sector number 15, in the downtown area three miles from the airport.

Let me expound on the scenario. Unfortunately, due to the operation of the domestic airport in our vicinity, it is exceptionally challenging for our residents to bear the excess noises during the take-off and landing of flights, especially at midnight. Furthermore, with a rise in the count of planes, there are colossal possibilities of a surge in noise and air pollution.

In addition, numerous senior citizens in this region are ailing from heart diseases, and their health might deteriorate tremendously with these proposed improvements. Moreover, the air might get contaminated due to releasing harmful gases from these vehicles into the atmosphere. This leads to the depletion of oxygen levels in the environment. Moreover, there is a diverse range of flora nearby the existing airport, and the recent suggestions of its expansion might lead to the destruction of numerous trees. Therefore, I request you reconsider your decision on recent developments to benefit mankind and plants.

Thank you for your consideration.

Yours faithfully,

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