You Have Just Come Back from A Long Bus Trip: GT Writing Task 1

You have just come back from a long bus trip. You were unhappy with the service. Write a letter of complaint to the bus company

  • stating your reason for writing the letter
  • describing why you are unhappy
  • making suggestions for improvement

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am Ankitha, and I am writing this epistle to express my discontent and pessimistic feedback regarding your transport services. Yesterday I commuted from Chennai to Mumbai with Orange Tours and Travels, which is a long-haul journey of 18 hours. Even my co-passengers had experienced similar challenges and were completely displeased with your service.

Let me expound on some of the troubles. First of all, the seat covers were filthy and had a pungent smell. Although it was an air-conditioned bus, the air-conditioner was not working, which eventually led to the increase in the smell. Due to this, I had to throw up twice during my travel. Furthermore, the food which was served was stale, spicy and too oily. Unfortunately, I am allergic to some spices, and I had a severe stomach ache post-dinner.

Therefore, I request you to clean the seat covers on a daily basis and ensure that the vehicle is spotless with appropriate air-conditioning. Please verify the quality of the food which is served is healthy and nutritious.

Kindly make a note of these suggestions and rectify the same at the earliest. Looking forward to superior service in the forthcoming trips.

Yours faithfully,

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