Some People Say that High School Students Should Study All the School Subjects: Writing Task 2

Some people say that high school students should study all the school subjects, while others think they should be allowed to choose subjects that they love or are good at. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

It is irrefutable that education plays a significant role in a learner’s life. It can change the entire world. Knowledge has immense benefits in every subject in secondary schools, while others think that students have the liberty to choose the theme which they love. However, both arguments need proper security before forming an opinion.

Going with the first school of thought, it included topics that are introduced in primary education after extensive research by academic professionals, which are useful in the growing period and strengthen the roots of the children, thus leading to teenagers becoming more superior and brilliant in studies. Put in other words, a variety of options on the subject would help to blur the boundaries between the knowledge section; hence children can get immense opportunities according to their interests in the future. For instance, according to the education system in Canada, all the subjects are mandatory in primary and secondary schools, so that students have better outcomes than in other countries. Add it; children can enhance their knowledge or develop various skills in their day-to-day life. Whilst those students concentrate on all subjects, they should reach their milestones where they seek the goal.

The opposite school of thought, however, deems that without alternatives in the subjects, it will not serve any purpose because few themes are not compatible with a student’s life, whereas focusing on topics that learners find fascinating provides an opportunity. In that case, the student gets more socialized with their studies, and they easily focus on developing a particular skill. For example, a student who is interested in sports activities like cricket may find other subjects such as biology or chemistry irrelevant and stressful. Choosing the subject with their interest has many merits, which they conveniently avail them.

In conclusion, I would like to believe that choosing an interesting subject has more positive outcomes than a student of the entire content. Therefore, limited courses have a clear vision of the future, which is revolutionized appropriately.

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