You Have Recently Moved to Another City for a New Job

You have recently moved to another city for a new job. You will like to keep in touch with your friend. Write a letter

– Describe where you live
– What your new job role is
– Make plans or suggest when your friend can visit.

Sample Answer of You Have Recently Moved to Another City for a New Job

Dear Sam,

Great to write to you soon! You’ll be enthralled to hear that finally I’ve found my niche, and a couple of weeks ago, I migrated to Chandigarh to join my job as a teacher in a school.

Let me tell you that my new accommodation is in sector 22 A. It’s quite close to the local market, and it’s flat with all the amenities, and on top of that, it has a garage to park my car.

Do you know that I’ve been appointed as an English teacher? Although my job is round-the-clock due today boarding school; however, it doesn’t mean that I’m unhappy owing to my hectic schedule. Instead, I am enjoying my job immensely and enhancing my teaching experience. I take tutorial sessions in addition to preparing the pupils for co-curricular activities.

I’ll be happier if you can visit me at a weekend as I have much flexible time at that time and if you visit in the summer vacations then we’ll together have more fun and frolic.

I hope you’ll ponder over my Idea and if you have a better idea, then write to me, and I will eagerly wait for you.

Yours loving,

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