Talk About a New Startup in the Society Cue Card

Talk about a new startup in the society cue card

  • What do you know about the startups
  • What are the advantages
  • What can be the potential disadvantages

Sample Answer of Talk About a New Startup in the Society Cue Card

Well, a Startup is putting a new business idea into practice that could be initiated by a single or a group of members. These days, due to increased competition, getting a job is very hard. Nowadays, many youngsters are coming with new unique ideas and establishing their venture.

Technology has allowed people to put their ideas into practice very easily, as most people are techno-friendly and prefer to take online services. These days’ young people are highly ambitious and want to achieve success in no time and consider startup the most appropriate option to make their dreams come true.

The biggest advantage of starting a new business is not only to make people self-sufficient but also to provide job opportunities for others as well. Many successful startups like Zomato, ola, and uber turned into a billion-dollar business and provided jobs to millions. Further, Startups play a vital role in boosting up the economy of a nation.

But sometimes, people invest in startups without proper knowledge and research in the area, which turns into a failure of their business with the loss of their hard-earned money and wastage of precious time.

In the end, all I can say is that in the near future, the startup is going to shape the new world.

Sample 2

We always believe that for changes, a new start-up is played key roles, sometimes some are useful for people whereas some are not or detrimental. Start-up is also vital for busting country economy.

A new start-up has its own pros and cons, for some tribulation its solutions but it also forges tribulation and for some areas it has drawbacks.

Today I would like to talk about a new start-up in business.

After completing education the majority of are wanna job in the company. In this contemporary era, youngsters are don’t like to go to a company’s physical location and work over there, for that also wastes some time and in the urban areas employees face traffic predicament, as a result, they start up online working job. Abundant companies yield it now.

freelancer work provides time flexibility and workers get their wages immediately after completing work in required criteria.

Organizations also get work quickly, it also benefits them economically such as save electricity, less area, and staff requirements. A person is able to do the other work.

This start-up has also some drawbacks, it doesn’t check qualifications and take an interview for testing employees skill. For instance, if work is computer related then organizations not check a person’s computer skills, the organization’s primary goal is work. Furthermore, employees don’t get the experience to work in the company and with members, it doesn’t count work experience.

Follow-ups for Talk About a New Startup in the Society Cue Card

Question 1:- Is market research important for export business?

I think market research is essential for the success of the business and in the case of export business, it is very vital as you are going to explore the totally unknown overseas market. As different Overseas markets vary from each other and when you are going to target a specific market it becomes very important to know the particular characteristics of that market to avoid any costly mistakes. For example, it would not be worth investing in branded showrooms in poor countries like Africa as no one is going to buy the costly items.

Or, I believe that market research is pivotal for any business, whatever it is important or export. Research yield demand of stuff, items pros and cons hence company attempt to explore they best. If we look at successful organizations they do research.

Question 2:- In Businesses, Do companies need to be competitive?

Yes, in this competitive Era, business companies need to be competitive. It enhances the quality of the products and at the same time makes the company grow with different challenges and enhances its efficiency. Monopoly leads to higher prices and lower quality products.

Or, Well, I think yes, if companies have competitive then they try to do their best and wanna superior. They also avoid the low quality of works. The competition also yields new goals for companies.

Question 3:- What should be the Government’s role in how small businesses are run?

Government can encourage small businesses by providing them protection from custom duties and import tariffs. Also, easy options for funding and loans at low interest rates could be provided by the government to encourage startup businesses.

Or, Small business is part of the nation, especially in developing countries. The bureaucrats can ride high taxes for small businesses as well as give facilities and encourage the community. The authority role is also paramount, they can provide subsidies for start-ups or run a small business.

Question 4:- How can Business benefit the community in which they are located?

Businesses can benefit the community in which they are located in a number of ways. First and foremost, it provides more job opportunities to the people of that locality. Further, it builds better infrastructure in terms of roads, health, and education for the people.

In India, every business company has to spend 2% of its total income on a social cause and it is known as the Corporate Social Responsibility Fund. All this results in the upliftment of that. community

Or, Without any doubt location of the business is matters, nearby accommodation and community business run smoothly and business man get profits, people have also benefit. If the business is outside of the community then less chance for running, it is also depending on the business.

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