You Have Recently Shifted to A Rental Apartment with Your Family

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 is You have recently shifted to a rental apartment with your family. However, there are some problems with the apartment. Write a letter to the landlord, in your letter.

  • Describe the problem.
  • Demand the solution to the problem.
  • Inform him what you will do if the problem is not solved.

Sample 1 :-You Have Recently Shifted to A Rental Apartment with Your Family

Dear Mr. Anderson,

I am Simon Peter, a tenant at your apartment in Lekki Phase 1.It is to inform you that there are some plumbing and electrical issues in my apartment, and because I just moved into this apartment with my family less than a week ago, I am sure you are aware of these problems, but you chose not to do anything about them.

I remember when I came to check the house before I made the first installment for the apartment, I noticed some bulbs weren’t working, and some socket outlets were bad too, which I brought your attention to them, and you promised to fix all before I moved in. Also, the faucets in the kitchen and the master bedroom are not working, and the visitor’s toilet seems to be clogged too.

I want you to send a plumber and an electrician to my apartment within the next there days to fix all the issues I have highlighted because they are required to be done so that my family and I can settle in nicely and comfortably. Failure to do this will result in the non-payment of the final installment for the apartment. Until they are all fixed, that is the only time you get your balance payment.

Yours Sincerely,

Sample 2:- You Have Recently Shifted to A Rental Apartment with Your Family

Dear Sir/Madam,

I would like to inform you that I lost my mobile phone last week while I was on vacation in Calgary.

The mobile phone is black in color and the brand’s iPhone. It is 12 series and brand new. I bought it six months back from Toronto, and it cost around $2000.

I lost it when I was checking out from the hotel days Inn in Calgary. That was the last time when I used it. I already checked with the hotel, but they denied it.

I am entitled to make a claim for the above-mentioned item and request you share the details of what I need to do in order to proceed.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Yours faithfully,

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