You Missed a Flight Due to A Problem at The Airport: GT Writing Task 1

You missed a flight due to a problem at the airport. Write a letter to the airline. In your letter:

  • say when and where the problem happened?
  • Describe how you missed the flight?
  • Say what you want the airline to do?

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am Ankitha, a software engineer. I am writing this epistle to express my discontent with an issue at the Delhi Airport. Consequently, I missed my flight due to the hurdle.

Let me expound on the problem. Yesterday at 7 PM, I had to travel from Delhi to Sydney, and the ticket was reserved by one of the managers at my workplace. After reaching the airport, I successfully completed my check-in and immigration check. As a business class passenger, I had additional privileges to relax for two hours in the airline lounge of airlines till I boarded the flight.

Furthermore, I was served delicious refreshments upon my arrival. Unfortunately, the dinner which was served was too oily and spicy, which eventually led to pain in my stomach. I started to feel uncomfortable, and I informed the airline employees immediately. They called an emergency doctor at the airport. He mentioned that I had food poisoning as a result of consuming spicy food. Although he prescribed some medication, he asked me not to proceed with my journey as it could deteriorate my health further.

Therefore, I was unable to proceed with my commute and had to postpone my trip for next week. I request you to have a discussion with the culinary staff members and address them regarding this and make the required changes to the supper which is served to customers so that they will enjoy your service with tranquillity.

Thank you for your consideration, and I hope this problem will be resolved at the earliest.

Yours faithfully,

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