Tourism Today Creates a Variety of Problems, Such as Pollution Due to Flights

Tourism today creates a variety of problems, such as pollution due to flights, traffic congestion and water pollution. Do you think that governments should impose extra taxes on flights or accommodation to restrict today’s tourism industry? Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own experience or knowledge.

The leisure industry is mushrooming at a phenomenal rate. It is bringing several problems, namely pollution due to aviation, a burgeoning number of vehicles that make the place crowded and water pollution as well. I do not consider that imposing additional charges on the flights and accommodation is a good notion. Resultantly, economic loss, as well as the danger of losing a cultural legacy, is always there.

At the outset, a number of visitors go for exploration by using different modes of transport such as planes, trains or buses. Resultantly pollution, traffic jams can be seen. Putting additional charges on the flights and accommodation is a useless effort. Because an extra burden on people’s pocket can limit their voyages and it also has a direct impact on the sale of restaurants, which arrange the stay of tourists. Consequently, it will have an economic loss. The government will not be able to collect revenue, and it will be an extra financial burden on the government to pay for the maintenance of the premises, which are visited by tourists.

Furthermore, when visitors go to any place, they purchase souvenirs that remind the people about the rich traditions of that place. The fear of paying an extra amount will surely make people less interested, and they cannot pacify their thirst to enhance their knowledge about other cultures. So, there is a threat of losing cultural legacy. For instance, Virasat e Khalsa, Amritsar Museum are classical examples of rich culture. If multitude does not go to such places, the amount of money that is spent on these premises, labour will go in vain. That’s why the additional amount will discourage the people instead of making the people inspire to broaden the horizon of knowledge.


To conclude, thus in consideration of the above analysis, it is ostensible that if a government puts extra amount on both accommodation and flights, it will not boost the economy of it and there is a threat of culture loss. Research should be done to curb pollution created by aviation by reducing operating hours of flights and finding other eco-friendly means of transport.

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