You Play a Sport (E.G. Football) for A Local Team: GT Writing Task 1

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You play a sport (e.g. football) for a local team. You recently heard that a player in your team is in a hospital. Write a letter to your teammate. In your letter:

  • Say how you feel about the news.
  • Ask about the treatment in the hospital.
  • Suggest some ways of cheering them up.

Sample 1: You Play a Sport (E.G. Football) for A Local Team: GT Writing Task 1

Dear Sukhdeep,

Given the circumstances, I hope this letter finds you in the best possible spirits. When I first heard the news about your accident, I was deeply saddened and shocked. It’s always tough hearing about a fellow player getting injured, especially when it’s someone as dedicated and passionate about the sport as you.

I wanted to check in and see how you’re holding up. How has the treatment been at the hospital? Are the doctors and nurses taking good care of you? I genuinely hope they are doing everything possible to ensure your swift and complete recovery.

On a lighter note, you could use entertainment to keep your spirits up while you’re recuperating. Have you considered binge-watching a new series or perhaps diving into a book you’ve meant to read? If you’re open to suggestions, I’ve recently started watching “The Sporting Life”, a series about the behind-the-scenes of athletes, and I think you’d enjoy it. I’d be happy to drop off the first season for you.

Remember, the entire team is rooting for your recovery. Please don’t hesitate to ask if you need anything, whether it’s the company or some magazines. We eagerly await the day you’re back on the field with us.

Take care and get well soon.

Warm regards,

Sample 2: You Play a Sport (E.G. Football) for A Local Team: GT Writing Task 1

Dear Manjinder,

I was deeply saddened to hear about your recent injury and subsequent hospitalization after our last game. The news surprised us, and I wanted to reach out immediately to see how you are doing.

Firstly, I hope you’re feeling a tad better and are in good spirits despite the circumstances. Being an active player, I can only imagine how tough it must be for you to be bedridden. Can you share a bit about how the doctors and staff treat you? I trust that you are in good hands, and they are doing everything to ensure a speedy recovery for you.

To cheer you up during this time, how about we organize a small visit from the team? We can bring some of your favourite snacks, perhaps watch a game or two, and share some light moments. I’m sure it would be a great way to lift your spirits. Alternatively, if you have any book or movie recommendations, I’d happily bring them to you.

Remember, we’re all rooting for you and eagerly awaiting your return to the field. Until then, rest up, follow the doctor’s advice, and know that all of us greatly miss you.

I am wishing you a swift recovery.

Warm regards,

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