You Recently Bought an Item of Clothing from A Shop: GT Writing Task 1

You recently bought an item of clothing from a shop. You discovered that it had a fault and returned it to the shop for replacement or refund. However, the assistant told you that this was against the store’s policy.

Write a letter to the store manager explaining the problems you have had. Ask for a refund or exchange for the item.

Sample 1 You Recently Bought an Item of Clothing from A Shop

Dear Sir,

I am writing this letter to express my disappointment with the latest buy from your store. Last week, I bought a full-length blue gown from your store. Unfortunately, it is not the right fit for me as well as I feel the quality of the gown is not good. I re-visited your store the very next day to return the gown, but to my utter dismay, your staff member said that returns are against your store policy.

I could not try the outfit in your store as the trial room was under construction and your sales staff assured me that the size of the gown would be a perfect fit for me. Based on her suggestion, I bought the dress, and when I tried it at home, I observed that the side stitch threads were coming out as the gown was slightly tighter near the waist region.

I would request you consider the exchange option for the gown I bought. I believe a refund policy will not be considered as well as there is no return policy followed, however, It would be helpful if I can apply for an exchange policy and get an alternative gown with fine quality and the correct size.

I hope that you can assist me in this matter. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours faithfully,

Sample 2 You Recently Bought an Item of Clothing from A Shop

Dear Sir or madam.

In your store on August 25, I bought black winter boots. I really liked these boots. On the leg, they sat very well. But one boot stung me a little, making my leg uncomfortable. But the seller assured me that the boot would change size during operation (when the boot is worn).

And this boot is the right size for me. But when I got home, I realized that this boot did not fit in size. When I arrived at the store, I wanted to exchange these boots for boots of the right size or return them for the purchased product. But the seller said this is not possible and is against the store’s policy.

I believe this matter deserves your immediate attention. I would be grateful if you change the boots or return the money. This will definitely increase my confidence in your customer service.

Looking forward to your prompt action.

Yours faithfully,

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