Some People Believe that Professionals, Such as Doctors and Engineers, Should Be Required to Work

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Some people believe that professionals, such as doctors and engineers, should be required to work in the country where they did their training. Others think they should be free to work in another country if they wish. Discuss views and give your own opinion.

There is some set of people who think that professionals who have done their education in their country should not go to a foreign country to do work. On the other hand, a few other people disagree with their thought process, and they even say that it is every individual’s choice to make their own decisions. I will discuss both views, and I will also give my opinion.

Firstly, we will discuss the people who are against the professionals like doctors and engineers. These people have thought of doing something for their own country, which is why they do not want to work abroad. Instead of going to different parts of the world for work, they should do something for their own nation. Make their nation proud by helping with more manpower. For example, In India, most professionals are moving out of their country to get settle down abroad and want to secure their future.

On the other hand, many others oppose the above thought process, and I totally agree with them. Every individual has their own choice to take their own decisions, and whatever is best for them, they should probably go with that decision. Moreover, if some of them are confused and are thinking about what’s right or wrong? They should probably take advice from their families and friends.

In a nutshell, everyone had to look for their future and decide on their own what was best for them. So, no one can force them to do what they think is best.

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