You Recently Ordered a Small Item Online but When It Arrived It Was Unusable

You recently ordered a small item online but when it arrived it was unusable. Write a letter to the company that sold you the item. In the letter:

  • Give details about the order you made
  • Explain what was wrong with the item
  • Tell the company what you want them to do about it

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing to you to let you know about the product that I had ordered online a week ago. Unfortunately, when I received it, it was inoperative. I was greatly dissatisfied with it.

Let me inform you that I ordered a Wonderchef Turbo Chopper from your shopping site ‘Myntra.’ I had spent a total of 2000 except delivery charges. Being it black in colour and with additional accessories such as greater, egg separator, and varied kinds of blades, it really costs me an arm and a leg. Within one week, I got it.


On the face of it, it was certainly a useful item because I had been using it for many months. I was taken aback to see that it did not work well when I was using it. After struggling alot, I ascertained that its jar was broken and the blades were blunt. I could not prepare a large amount of meal on my birthday. Moreover, it had irreplaceable parts that infuriated me.

I would like you to look into the matter and solve my predicament. Would you be kind enough to send another Chopper of the same brand? Am I able to get a jar with no faults? It had spoilt my birthday, but I do not want to make upcoming Christmas unsuccessful as I had invited my friends to dinner. That’s why I need it badly. Kindly deliver it to me as soon as possible.

I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Yours Sincerely,

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