You Recently Received an Invitation to a Party at Your Friend’s House

You recently received an invitation to a party at your friend’s house. Write a letter to accept the invitation. In your letter:

  • explain why you are accepting the invitation
  • describe why you are looking forward to the dinner party
  • offer to bring a dish to share

Dear Mandeep,

I hope this letter will find you in radiant health and spirit. Yesterday, I got your letter, and I felt very happy to get an invitation to this get-together, and I am sure to attend this event.

I can not express my excitement in words to be with you after a long time. I remember when we met last time at the omaxe mall Patiala two years ago. I think this dinner party is giving us valuable time to spend together, and I am very happy to see Gurwinder after five years and have dinner together. We will share our thoughts and some old memories.

If u do not mind, let me bring Jeera rice and butter naan to share with all of you. I have recently enhanced my culinary skills and want to share some dishes to let you know the taste of food made by me.

Hope to meet this Friday at a dinner party.

Your friend,

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