You Recently Visited a Place that Had a Strong Impact on You: GT Writing Task 1

You recently visited a place that had a strong impact on you. Write a letter to a friend about the place. In your letter

  • explain where the place was and how you got there?
  • describe what you saw?
  • offer to take your friend there?

Dear Sam,

I anticipate that this letter finds you in good health. I’m writing to share some experiences of my latest trip to the Himalayas, and I would say that it was an adventurous holiday with numerous landscapes and diverse weather conditions.

Firstly, it is located in the northern part of India, surrounded by glaciers and dormant volcanoes. It was quite challenging to reach the highest peak as the altitude of the mountains was 5000 meters above sea level. However, we thrived in reaching the highest point. Our journey commenced from Chennai to Srinagar by air, and it was a long-haul flight with a layover in Delhi. After our landing, we booked a cab till Manali and then rode a horse to complete our further trip.

Furthermore, there are astonishing viewpoints at the top of the mountains. The entire hill was covered with natural vegetation of apple trees and rose spectacular gardens. On the way to the Himalayas, we visited an ancient spiritual place, and I was tranquillity after receiving blessings from the divine deity.

In addition, this vacation was one of the most memorable and unique trips I have experienced in my life. When you plan to visit India next year during your summer break, we can go there, and I would be highly obliged to sponsor you for the entire journey.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Best regards,

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