You Recently Visited a Theatre and Had an Accident There

You recently visited a theatre and had an accident there. The staff were very helpful. Write a letter to the manager giving good feedback. In your letter, you should tell:

  • and describe the accident
  • how the staff help you?
  • how similar situations could be prevented in the future?

Dear Sir,

I am writing this letter to share the experience I had during my last visit to your theatre. I visited your theatre with my family on 21 Nov. 2021 to watch the movie “Tere Naam”. I got late by 15 minutes, and the movie had already started.

As the movie had already started, There was complete darkness inside the theatre. While we were approaching our seats, my younger brother lost his balance and fell down the stairs. This was instantly noticed by nearby staff, and he rushed to help my brother. My brother got a jerk in his leg and was unable to move. The staff of the theatre provided him first aid at the site and gave him a painkiller with a hot bandage. They even upgraded our seat to a comfortable couch just to make sure that my brother gets good rest while enjoying the movie.

The behaviour of the staff was outstanding, and they were very caring. The staff was well equipped to deal with any sort of emergency condition. However, to avoid this type of incident, I would advise you to put marking lights embedded in the stairs. This will enable people to locate stairs more easily, and it will also not disturb any experience of movie lovers.

To end this, I will give all my kudos to your staff and would definitely like to visit your theatre again.

Yours Sincerely

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