The Manufacturing and Use of Cars Damage the Environment

The manufacturing and use of cars damage the environment but their popularity is increasing. Why is this? How could this be controlled?

The Earth is a unique planet in our solar system as only this planet has life. The environment on this planet is the only reason for the existence of life. Oxygen is the critical requirement for the existence of life, and it comes from the environment. In our modern lifestyle, we are polluting the environment directly or indirectly. This may be due to the use of plastic, fossil fuels and other polluting objects.

Transportation is one of the main causes of environmental pollution. Almost all today’s transport vehicle burns fossil fuel to get power, which generates many toxic gases as a byproduct of its internal combustion. These toxic gases, when released into the atmosphere, lead to air pollution. The amount of this air pollution can be limited by the use of public transport, but most of the public use personal cars instead of public transport. They even do not prefer to pool with other people to reduce the number of vehicles on the road. This also increases the problem of car parking space, which is a very serious problem in metropolitan cities. Due to this trend of a personal vehicles, car manufacturers are also increasing their production annually, which will increase annual steel consumption. As the production of steel requires more coal to burn, this will eventually contribute to more air pollution.

In spite of the contribution to environmental pollution by the use of cars, the number of cars on the road is rising continuously. Nowadays, Holding a car has become a status symbol, and everyone wants to have it. Government policies are also contributing to this trend as all banks are providing easy auto loans to purchase cars, and the amount can be paid in easy instalments. Since this loan facility gives easy access to all middle and lower class people to purchase new cars, the demand for new cars is on the rise, and the number of vehicles on the road is increasing day by day.

In order to control this rising number of cars, Government shall change its policies and spread awareness on the environmental impact of using cars. Government shall increase pollution tax on cars and interest rates as well for an auto loan. It shall be mandated to have a maximum of one car in a house of 4 people. Also, Government shall improve public transport facilities and their reach to non-urban areas, so that more people can adapt to this way of commute.

To conclude this, tough government policies and awareness is the best key to solving this problem, and people shall be aware of the impacts of environmental pollution and its risk to the future generation.

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