You Rent an Apartment and You Are Quite Happy With It

You rent an apartment, and you are quite happy with it, but you want to suggest a renovation. Write a letter about your suggestion. In your letter, you should tell:

  • Your appreciation of the current condition
  • What is the renovation and why?
  • What are the benefits of your suggestion?

Dear Mr. Watson,

I have been living on rent on the ground floor for five years. I am enthralled to be a tenant of you and enjoying it immensely. Would you mind reconstructing a part of your home?

Let me tell you that the ground floor, where I live, is in its pristine condition. It has been built in such a marvelous way that I can’t decide to relocate somewhere. Suffice to say that the lush green park in front of the house adds more beauty to its charm.

May I venture to have some alterations on the ground floor? Everything seems to be good except the point and the house’s front door that diminish the beauty of the house. The paint is peeling off, and the bolts of the front door need repair. Sometimes, I have to go outside, so for safety purposes, it needs repairing.

To continue, if you like my suggestions, it will be beneficial for the safety and beauty of the house. Any intruder can enter the house so that you will be protected from any physical and financial damage. Besides, if it costs you an arm and a leg, I am ready to share the expenses.

I hope you will ponder over my suggestion allow to revamp the house.

Yours Sincerely,

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