You Saw a Brochure for a One-week Walking Tour in the Mountains.

You saw a brochure for a one-week walking tour in the mountains. You’re very interested in taking part, but you’re not very fit and are worried you wouldn’t be able to keep up. Write to the tour operator. In your letter:

• Explain why you’re interested in the tour.

• Ask for information about dates and prices.

• Express your concerns about your fitness level.

Sample Answer of You saw a brochure for a one-week walking tour in the mountains.

Dear Sir/Madam,
I am writing this letter to express my keen interest in a weekly walking tour in mountains; however, simultaneously, I am quite tensed about acrophobia that I have been suffering for many years and wearing spectacles making it more difficult to make.
It had always been my repressed desire to go for a walking tour. When I saw the above-mentioned information in a leaflet I could not stop myself and thought to make it. As it would give me a chance to get rid of my phobia of height and also let me do something remarkable in my life. This opportunity will satisfy my thirst for exploring new things.
I would like to know when it will operate and how much each member has to pay? What’s more, whether the payment would be made in cash or by a credit card? Besides, Do you give any discount to the beginners? Although I have a great interest in taking part in it; albeit,
my phobia of height and the glasses that I wear do not allow me to take part in it. I consider myself unfit for it. Can I take part by wearing glasses on? Would I be assisted on the way to remove my fear? If you consider me fit for this tour, I would like to participate in it.
Looking forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience.
Yours Faithfully,

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