You Successfully Passed a Job Interview IELTS Exam

You successfully passed a job interview. You are expected to start on November 15, but you will not be available on that date. Task: Write a letter to your new boss, explaining your situation, expressing your concern and suggesting the solution.

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am Leonardo Gomes, and I recently passed a job interview for the Software Engineer position at the Software Infrastructure group. I was expected to start on November 15, as agreed, and I am writing because, unfortunately, I will not be able to present myself on that date.

During the interview, I estimated fifteen days as the amount of time needed for me to finish my activities at my current job and start at your company, but due to the fact that I got sick for the last whole week and was not able to work,

I could not finish my tasks and will need another week to do so. If necessary, I can give you a copy of a letter from my doctor informing me that I had to stay at home and under medical care during that week.

I apologize for the inconvenience and expect it will not affect our relationship. Please let me know if I present any proof or talk to someone else at the company.

Faithfully yours,

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