You Went Somewhere and Lost Your Thing.

Talk about a time when you went somewhere and lost your thing. Now you want to go there again.

When you went there?
Why you went there?
What have you lost there?
When you would like to go there again?

Sample answer:–

Well, many times people forget their things when they go somewhere such as a watch, pen, umbrella, and so on. It occurs due to hurry or any tension. I also faced such a situation and lost my diary. I describe this occasion briefly.

Actually, last Sunday, I went to my best friend Preet’s home in order to spend my weekend with him. I also carried my notes diary, a pen, water bottle, and other things in my bag. In morning time I reached there via bus.

Talk about a time when you went somewhere and lost your thingAfter It, Preet made coffee and snacks for us by own his mother was not at home. During drinking coffee, we planned to go to the cinema to watch a movie there. Preet booked tickets of movie’s afternoon show.
Apart from it, before going to the cinema, we decided to make study notes as well as we started a discussion about the given class project. I picked up my diary from my bag to write important points. We did this discussion for two hours.

After it, we took a break and took a short nap. Due to it, we forgot about the plan of watching the movie.
In the afternoon, we got ready for the movie in a hurry. We both went to the cinema on Preet’s bike. During this, I quickly kept all things in my bag. During this journey on a bike, my diary slipped out of my bag. I think I didn’t properly fix the Zip of my bag.


After watching the movie, Preet dropped me at my home and I didn’t realize about my diary.
Next day, I checked my bag and things in it. I was astounded that I lost my diary. I called my friend via mobile phone in order to get information from him about my diary. But he said me that he does not know about my thing.

After then, I thought that I lost my diary during the journey on bike with Preet.
Now I want to check that way where I lost my diary. Actually, it was one of my important things. I will try to find it.

All in all, it was the time when I visited my friend’s home and lost my diary.

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