Describe a Creative Person.

Describe a creative person.

Sample Answer:-

Well, I know many creative persons. They all are intelligent as well as they have good opinion and thoughts. So here I would like to talk about one of them. Her name is Manpreet Kaur. She is my maternal aunt. I describe her briefly.

Actually, she has been living in Moga City for the last 6 years with his in-laws family. She had studied master in commerce at a well renowned University.

In the present scenario, she is the owner of a website designing company named creative minds. She manages each and everything in her company.

Especially, she manages her company. Also, she hires the workforce for her company such as content writers, bloggers and so on.Well, I know many creative persons. They all are intelligent as well as they have good opinion and thoughts.Describe a creative person.

In addition to it, along with his company, she has been providing coaching classes of IELTS course. Actually, she has got 8 bands in IELTS course. So nowadays she is teaching other students who want to appear in IELTS exam.

Apart from it, she has good culinary skills. Next summer vacations, she is going to open her own Bakery and cooking classes. She will give training of cooking skills to the students who will join this course.

Moreover, she is a good advisor. Because she has ideas and opinions related to each and every topic of life. Whenever I feel stressed due to any problem in my life, I just prefer to get advice from her.

All in all, I believe that she is a creative person to whom I ever meet. May she live long.

Describe a creative person.
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Is it a natural thing having creativity?? Why or why not?

Why people give more preference to creative persons rather than dull persons??

Are you a creative person? Why do you think like this?

What are the qualities of a creative person??

Is it creativity to heart someone with our bad words??

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