You Wish to Study at A Foreign University: GT Writing Task 1

You wish to study at a foreign university. Write a letter to the university. In your letter you should ask about:

  • the accommodation and fees
  • possible scholarships
  • and the qualifications required for acceptance.

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am Ankitha, and I am pursuing my undergraduate degree in electronics at Anna University. I am in my final semester and would like to pursue my master’s from Sydney Central University in the field of Robotics. It would be an immense privilege to be a part of your prestigious college, and the high reputation with numerous employment opportunities has invoked my interest in continuing my further education from the same.

I would like to acquaint myself with a few aspects regarding admission to the university. To begin with, I will be migrating from India thus I prefer to stay in the accommodation. Similarly, I would like to know insights on the fee structure for the entire course as well as the dormitory arrangements.

Furthermore, I have to apply for an education loan as there are huge expenses incurred, and it is a challenge for me to survive in a different foreign land to make ends meet. Hence, is it possible to share the available scholarships and sponsorships prospects offered either by the management or the government? Although my cumulative percentile is 80, I am eager to know the required eligibility criteria for the acceptance of my admission to this institute.

Request to help me with the mentioned enquiries and thank you for your consideration.

Yours faithfully,

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