Young People Have Different Ideas and Attitudes

Young people have different ideas and attitudes than their parents and grandparents. What are the differences, and what problem may it cause?

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In a rapidly developing world, having differences in thoughts and viewpoints of children from their parents and grandparents is obvious. Most of the time, these differences pertain to the areas of their dependence on technology for ideas, relationships, career choices, and health, and sometimes these differences lead to a lot of issues. This essay will discuss the differences in ideas and attitudes of the younger generation from their elders followed by the problems that may result from it, in subsequent paragraphs.

To commence with, there are innumerable differences in the opinions and mindset of young people from the older people in their house. First and foremost, there is a huge difference in how older and younger people generate their ideas. To elaborate, most of the young people rely on internet sources for generating their ideas, while the older people generate their thoughts from their personal experiences that they have gained over the years. As not all the information provided on the internet is correct, the thoughts or ideas generated by the elder people are usually better. To Exemplify, inventors like Newton and Thomas Edison benefited us by generating ideas out of their experiences and stories. Furthermore, the approach of the younger people towards relationships and marriages is rather casual and carefree. They are more self-centered and insist on having space in a relationship, while people from older generations consider relationships like marriage as a sacred institution. Moreover, career choices are another evident difference between young people and their parents. To clarify, most of the time parents

discourage their children’s entrepreneurial ambitions as parents want their children to have a safe and secure source of income, but the young generation wants to explore their ideas on business and does not mind taking risks. Health is another area where the children from their elders. Most of the older people prefer to have healthy eating choices and exercise to spend a healthy life, the younger generation do not give much importance to health


While it is common to have a different opinion about children and their parents – sometimes it leads to many problems. Primarily, the over-dependence of youngsters on the internet will impair their ability to be innovative. In addition, the non-serious attitude of young people towards relationships results in unstable families in which their children suffer the most. Needless to say, that stable families are the foundation of a healthy society. Also having an unhealthy lifestyle which is quite common among young people appear to elder people leads to various health problems like obesity, diabetes, hypertension, and stress. As far as, career choices are concerned, conflicts between the parents and the children lead to strained relationships. To illustrate, according to research done by the University of Oxford in the USA in 2015 on 1500 young people of age between 20 to 30 years revealed that about 70% of youngster agreed that they are not having a good relationship with their parents as they think they were not allowed to follow their dreams and pursue the career of their choice by their parents.

To encapsulate it can be concluded that although the views and opinions of the youngsters are different from their parents and grandparents on many aspects including thoughts, relationship, career choices, and lifestyle, there is a need for both young people and their parents to put their best foot forward together to resolve this problem

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How person think and they thoughts is paramount for themselves as well as for the community. In the past few decades, it is seen that the thoughts and ideas of the young generation are not matching with the people of their past generation. In this essay, I will examine its difference as well as discuss the tribulation behind this causative factor in ensuring paragraphs along with the logical conclusion.

There are numerous differences between both generation’s ideas and attitudes, it also occurs adversity. An old generation or elder people have the vast majority of life experiences and erudition as well as they saw many black and white days throughout lives hence they devote useful guidance and tips while on the other hand, youth haven’t, they also ignore it and want to do unrealistic things and copy other people such as celebrity, movie scenes. Sometimes it forges trouble for them to overlook guidance. For instance, parents encourage their child to education but irresponsible children waste time, resources and sometimes go on bad ways and do delinquency. Young people like to be healthy and fit and do medical expenses while their parents like to take risks, they also suffered from some harmful illness and pain.

Young people and their parent’s or grandparents’ attitudes towards relationships also differ. Old generation laymen trust each other and believe that relationship is holy while youngsters not scared to in a relationship, take as enjoyment. It also forges predicament, in the past after marriage divorce rates are low although presently second or third marriage and the divorce rate is jumping up, it also affects on personal behavior and rarely on vocational life.

To sum up, the difference is seen between generations, I think the attitude toward change and also deleterious for a host of layman, generation gap is overcome by understanding each other and by having a strong bond or relationship.

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