Young People Who Commit Crimes Should Be Punished in The Same Way as Adults

Young people who commit crimes should be punished in the same way as adults. Do you agree or disagree with this statement?

It is irrefutable that the rise of crimes has brought see changes in the lifestyle of individuals and rapidly spread across the world. Youngsters should be treated in the same way as adults when they are engaged in an offence. I endorse the statement wholeheartedly. I have some solid ground to explicate at length in the paragraph to come.

The first and foremost reason is that it does not require any harsh punishment for youngsters; when they are involved in a certain type of crime, according to them, they are already in their learning stage, and their minds are not to competently expand, which they are able to neglect that bad habits and evaluate their right decision. for instance, a regular survey conducted by the United States about the increasing the ratio of crimes among the young people and got shocking results and found in most cases were of youngsters who got distracted from their parts and involved in a better society and addressed with the appropriate lessons which were based on the reality of life without giving strict punishment as an adult. Furthermore, violence in the media can attract young people’s attitudes and behaviour. Lack of parental guidance can lead a teenager to delinquency which eventually leads to becoming stubborn and easily committing crimes. Add it, and domestic violence can force young people onto the streets and into bad company.

It is implicit that the age factor of youngsters is must be considered while giving any strict punishment, thus leading to there would be become means for the nation and spoil their whole life of the juvenile. For instance, bad behaviour is easier to change when a person is grown-up rather than provide hard punishment. Moreover, a youngster might be negatively influenced by time in adult prison, which is totally acceptable at a minor age. In addition, teenagers need re-education and re-socialization rather than penalization because adult sentences are too serve for youngsters. Such as, in the middle east, the Australian government organized several rules and conducted an abundance of seminars for taking care of minors, which they found any crime before the age of 18.

To put it in and nutshell, I pen down saying that juveniles need to know that law is serious and punishment is a good way to teach them this and also get familiar with their mistakes. therefore, the government must develop a committee, especially for teenagers, which brings them accurate morals and crucial aspects of the lifestyle of the youngsters.

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