Your Company Has Recently Introduced a New Uniform for The Staff: GT Writing Task 1

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Your company has recently introduced a new uniform for the staff. Write a letter to your manager saying you are unhappy with the new uniform.

  • Explain why you are not happy with the new uniform.
  • What do you want the new uniform to be like?
  • Giving some suggestions.

Dear Sir

My name is Martha Maingi, your Assistant Manager at Debone Logistics. I appreciate the company going the extra mile in introducing new uniforms to enable us to work efficiently and stand out from the casual workers. However, I am not as enthusiastic with these uniforms simply because the dresses look unappealing to customers, are exceedingly long, oversized, and of poor quality, and more so, the majority of the staff names printed on them have spelling mistakes. Wearing these uniforms as they are would make the staff members highly demotivated while working.

I prefer the dresses to be white with blue collars, to resemble the company colours on our company logo. In addition, the dresses should be at knee length and in cotton fabric which is easy to clean and maintain. Moreover, the names should be correctly spelt on each dress to avoid confusion while employees are picking them from the laundry basket.

I would strongly suggest getting a different professional tailor, Best Garment Designer. They did a fantastic job last year on the casual uniforms we ordered. I believe they would do an even better job this year, taking the correct measurements and names of all employees while printing uniforms that each employee would feel comfortable wearing, while at the same time improving their self-esteem as they work.

I look forward to your quick and favourable action.

Yours sincerely,

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