Your Friend Is Thinking About Learning to Drive

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Your friend is thinking about learning to drive and would like some advice. Write a letter to your friend. In your letter:

  • Say why a driving license is advantageous.
  • Recommend a driving school.
  • Give any extra guidance/tips.

Sample Answer : Your Friend Is Thinking About Learning to Drive

Dear Disha,

Hope you’re doing well! I’m glad you finally decided to learn to drive. I remember telling you to learn to drive for many years after graduation, but you did not take a keen interest. Anyway, better late than never.

I’d suggest knowing how to drive and possessing a driving license have several benefits. First of all, when you shifted to Pune some years back, I reckoned we had discussed how it does not have better public transport services than Mumbai. Due to that, you had lots of hardship and difficulty commuting within the city. Moreover, auto and cab drivers used to ask for lump sum money. They did not follow meter readings, which resulted in exorbitant spending as you became heavily dependent on them on a daily basis. Secondly, a driver’s license can be considered as government ID proof for various documentation such as opening a bank account, applying for load or credit/debit cards, etc.

As far as driving school is concerned, Maruti Motors is one of the best driving schools in the country. To the best of my knowledge, it is found in most cities and states, so you could conveniently join Pune. But of course, you can also enquire about other driving schools on the Internet as per your suitability. Furthermore, they will make sure you overcome the fear of driving in congested areas before completing your course.

I’d like to advise you to extend your course if you still don’t feel comfortable and confident driving on busy roads and highways. Practice driving inside the city on your own at a lower speed. I hope you follow the guidelines and do not hesitate to ask me for any further assistance. All the best, and have an excellent learning experience.

I am eagerly looking forward to hearing from you soon about it.

Yours faithfully,

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