Your Friend Wants to Spend a Holiday Trip with You: GT Writing Task 1

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Your friend wants to spend a holiday trip with you, but it is not suitable for you. Write a letter to your friend:

  • Explain why it is not ideal for you
  • Giving the suggestion.

How’s everything going? I received your letter yesterday, and I’m thrilled that you want to spend a holiday trip with me, but unfortunately, it is not possible this time. I’m writing to apologize for ruining your plan.

Actually, I am working on a big project, and our company is planning to launch a new product next month because of this I also have to work on weekends. It is not possible for me to take a single leave for three months. I know that you will be disappointed by hearing this because you have wanted to go on holiday for so long, but I promise we will plan next time and I will make it up to you for this time.

I think you should ask Neha if she can join us for a holiday. You both are fun-loving and enjoy each other’s company. Moreover, you both love beaches, and Neha is a teacher so she must be having a holiday during this period so it might be possible for her to go on a trip.

I hope you will understand my situation. We will meet soon and give my regards to your parents.

Yours Lovingly,

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